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December 2015 Archives

Connecticut car accidents: Wrecks related to road debris

When driving about, it is common to see drivers with cargo on top of or sticking out of their vehicles, or even overloaded in pickup trucks. When properly secured, there may be nothing wrong with transporting items in such a manner. However, in Connecticut and elsewhere, there is a problem with road debris, and its presence may contribute to quite a few car accidents.

Compensation possible following a medical-related truck accident

Connecticut residents have seen quite a few accidents involving commercial vehicles over the years. Some of these are the result of the drivers experiencing medical issues. When a truck accident happens because of a medical problem, the driver and his or her employer may be held responsible for any damages caused.

Connecticut car accidents: Head-on collision kills 2, injures 4

A terrible accident in Connecticut is responsible for the deaths of two young children and injuries suffered by four other people. Car accidents of this nature are understandably difficult to move past, as the damages sustained and losses suffered are quite severe. The surviving victims of this incident, along with the families of the deceased children, retain the right to pursue legal actions against the driver thought responsible for this tragic event.

Connecticut pedestrian accident: Man hit by bus dies

A Connecticut man was crossing the street when he was struck by a bus. Sadly, his injuries were quite severe, and ultimately, he died as a result of the crash. This pedestrian accident, as most are, was tragic and has undoubtedly left the victim's surviving family members seeking answers as to why it happened.

Distracted driving leads to numerous car accidents in Connecticut

Drivers who are are not focused on the road and what is going on around them are the cause of numerous auto collisions in Connecticut and elsewhere. Sadly, these car accidents result in quite a few injuries and deaths every year. Those who have been negatively affected by this type of behavior, including the surviving families of victims who lost their lives, may be entitled to legal recourse.

Connecticut car accidents: Bus hits a car then a tree, 3 injured

Three people in Connecticut were recently injured when a bus hit a car and then a tree in the Hartford area. Due to the size and weight of most public transportation vehicles, car accidents that involve these types of automobiles can have some pretty severe outcomes. This seems to be the case for this particular incident.