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Our lawyers have wide appellate experience, which includes prosecution and defense of appeals from trial court judgments in civil, criminal, family and administrative matters, in both state and federal court. We have also briefed and argued appeals from sentences under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

The process of litigating an appeal includes a thorough review of both the pretrial record and the trial transcript to identify issues which may result in reversal or modification of the trial court decision. We then perform legal research to identify precedent in support of (and contrary to) those positions, with the objective of presenting our strongest arguments and anticipating and mitigating counterarguments. We next draft the most persuasive written argument possible and assess the briefs filed by the adversary. Finally, we present careful, focused oral advocacy before the relevant appellate tribunal. We also represent the party defending the appeal (the appellee). Similarly, we will assess the arguments made and determine the most effective ways to attack them. This process also involves legal research and effective written and oral advocacy.

We handle appeals in which we are involved at the trial court level, both as appellant and appellee. We will also represent parties on appeal who were represented by other attorneys at trial.