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Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Benefits

For most workers after suffering work-related injuries, the first and most pressing questions involve the benefits available. Even with minor workplace injuries, covering the significant costs of medical care can be a real concern. If you are completely out of work or limited in the types of work functions you can perform, covering the costs of lost wages is another major concern. After a work-related injury, it is important to work with a legal team that has the experience, knowledge and tenacity to help you get the results you need.

At Jacobs & Dow, LLC, our lawyers handle all types of workers’ compensation benefits cases, from the simplest to the most complex. Our attorneys will use their experience to help you understand whether you are eligible and help you through the process of obtaining the much-needed compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of benefits for workers’ compensation in Connecticut. We can help you with disability benefits and all types of compensation available, including:

  • Medical care: One of the primary goals of workers’ compensation is to make sure injured workers have their medical care covered from work-related injuries.
  • Lost wages: In most cases, lost wages are only available for injured workers whose injuries will keep them out at least three or more days. Temporary total disability is available for workers who are completely unable to work for a short time.
  • Lifetime benefits: People with scars and other long-term injuries can be eligible for compensation in the form of a lifetime benefit.

Determining eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits and working through the complex workers’ compensation process are extremely challenging endeavors. Our lawyers can fight for a full and final compensation award or any kind of compensation package that will fit your situation and your needs.

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