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Protect Your Rights: Serious Felony Charges

Conviction on a serious felony charge — murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, kidnapping — usually means the loss of your freedom for years, sometimes for life. Being charged or even suspected of a serious felony can negatively affect a person’s reputation and family life.

If you’ve been accused of a serious felony, call an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately. Since 1947, Jacobs & Dow, LLC, in New Haven, Connecticut, has protected the rights of our clients and solved difficult legal problems.

If You Have Been Arrested Or Are Under Investigation, Talk Only To Your Criminal Defense Attorney

When a serious felony has been committed, the prosecutor and the police are eager to make a quick arrest and get a conviction. In taking your statement, they will pressure you psychologically and take advantage of any misstatement or mistake.

A serious felony charge is not something the accused can talk his way out of. When your freedom, reputation, career or family life is at stake, hire a criminal defense attorney who knows Connecticut law and has a reputation for aggressive and effective representation.

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