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Am I Eligible For Workers’ Comp?

Most people never think about workers’ compensation claims. Few know how the process works and what is required for benefit eligibility. But when accidents happen and workers suffer workplace injuries, this becomes an important question: “Am I eligible for workers’ compensation?”

This is a complex process that depends on a number of factors. The Connecticut lawyers of Jacobs & Dow, LLC, can help you determine whether you are eligible and walk you through every step of the process involved in obtaining the compensation you need after suffering workplace injuries.

Our attorneys can help you with all aspects of eligibility and obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, including:

  • Determining eligibility: Your eligibility will depend in large part upon the severity and duration of the injuries you suffered and the type of corresponding compensation you are seeking. Obtaining temporary total disability benefits, for example, will require a different medical showing than permanent partial disability.
  • Obtaining appropriate medical opinions: It is critical to work with a doctor who understands the correct terminology to use when filing for compensation. Even legitimate claims can be denied or delayed if the exact terminology is not employed.
  • Timely filing: It is important to file an official claim for workers’ compensation as soon as possible. Simply filling out an accident report with your employer and seeking medical attention is not enough. If you fail to file an official claim in a timely fashion, you will lose your access to compensation.

Another important consideration involves working two jobs. In some cases, the injuries you suffered in one job will also hinder your ability to function in another job. There are some complications and challenges in this situation. An experienced attorney from our team can help you determine eligibility and obtain the compensation you need.

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