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Counsel To The Profession: Legal Services For Lawyers

The attorneys at Jacobs & Dow, LLC, regularly represent lawyers and clients they refer to us.

Our law firm offers legal services to the profession, including:

  • Local counsel services: If you have never handled a case in Connecticut, particularly in our state courts, let us help you with the intricacies of our procedural rules. We maintain an active local counsel practice in both federal and state matters.
  • Conflict referrals: We are available to serve as special litigation counsel to your business clients when you believe you should not act because of an actual or potential conflict of interest. Because we do not normally provide general counsel services to business clients in areas such as corporate law, financing, transactional, compliance and tax work, you will maintain an ongoing relationship with your client in all areas other than those in which you are conflicted out, and your client will remain yours during and after the time that we perform our work.
  • Forwarded matters: We accept forwarded cases and advance costs and expenses in forwarded cases without obligation to you. We pay appropriate forwarding fees in matters where such fees are permitted by law, including personal injury and medical malpractice cases and certain types of business litigation. We are happy to discuss potential forwarded matters with you.
  • Appeals: Our attorneys maintain an active appellate practice in state and federal courts. We have prosecuted appeals in criminal and civil cases as well as in family matters. We prepare and argue appeals on cases tried by other lawyers. If you have a case that is going up on appeal and need or want to bring in appellate counsel, feel free to contact us. We will discuss the case with you, and provide you with an evaluation and a fee proposal to do the work involved.
  • Legal malpractice actions. Lawyers sometimes commit errors or omissions causing damage to their clients. We have handled these cases on behalf of victims as part of our civil practice for many years. If you have a client who has been injured by legal malpractice and you would prefer not to bring the case yourself, you may contact us for an evaluation as to whether and on what basis we would handle the claim.
  • Contingent fee business litigation: We have handled a broad range of commercial litigation on contingency fees. If you have a client with a substantial commercial or business claim, and if the client cannot afford to litigate the matter on an hourly basis, we are willing to assess the claim to determine if it is one we can handle on a contingency basis or on some other non-standard fee arrangement.
  • Unusual or problem cases: We are happy to evaluate unusual cases or potential cases and willing to discuss non-standard or creative fee arrangements for clients with cases that are not run-of-the-mill. If you have a client with a “strange claim” and you are not sure you want to take it on, don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation. We sometimes pay forwarding fees on unusual or problem cases depending on the nature of the claim.
  • Bar discipline defense: We defend lawyers accused of violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct before the Grievance Committee and in court. If you want to discuss such a matter, please contact us as soon as the complaint is made and, if at all possible, prior to filing any written response.
  • Lawyers accused of crime: We have served as defense counsel to lawyers accused of crime. We also counsel lawyers who have or may have criminal exposure although they have not been charged.
  • Second opinions: Do you need a second opinion? Does your client want one? We are willing to review cases and provide second opinions on all matters where we are qualified to do so.
  • Out-of-county counsel: Sometimes, on delicate matters, it makes sense to bring in a firm that does not normally practice in the local courthouse. Perhaps your client needs or wants counsel outside of a perceived “old boy network.” Perhaps you need to bring action against a major local defendant whom nobody will sue. Please do not hesitate to consider bringing us in. We litigate statewide, but our home court is the Judicial District of New Haven.
  • Mediator and arbitrator: We are available to serve as mediators or arbitrators in cases where you need a neutral lawyer. We have experience serving as arbitrators in uninsured and underinsured motorist cases and a number of our lawyers serve as judicially appointed fact finders, arbitrators or special masters in our state and federal courts.
  • Counsel to the uninsured: We are available to provide defense services for uninsured or self-insured defendants, for defendants subject to high retention limits, in defense of claims for which no coverage is provided, and defense of claims involving exposure in excess of available coverage. We also represent the interests of the insured in coverage disputes with insurance companies. Normally we litigate against insurance companies and we typically do not represent clients on behalf of insurance companies.
  • Facilitator: We are willing to serve as a facilitator in law office split-ups. We understand the business of practicing law. We have experiences in amiably resolving these situations. We are also willing to serve as counsel for one party in litigation arising out of the business of practicing law.
  • Consultations: We are pleased to consult with members of the bar who have questions or concerns about their cases. Initial inquiries are always free. Please do not hesitate to call.

We Take Our Responsibility To The Profession Seriously

In offering legal services to our own profession, we take our responsibilities seriously. If you need careful, confidential advice from lawyers and a law firm you can trust, please do not hesitate to call us or contact us by e-mail. In addition to weekday office hours, we are open for client meetings on Saturday mornings and by appointment on Sundays, holidays and evenings.