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Talk To Us About Your Injury Caused By A Defective Medical Device

Medical devices and medical treatment apparatus are important parts of our health care system. Sometimes, however, they malfunction or are misused and instead of helping to heal can cause pain, serious injury and even wrongful death. Manufacturers may be held liable for the damage done by a defective medical device. Hospitals and clinics may be liable when their equipment malfunctions or is improperly used.

At Jacobs & Dow, LLC, in New Haven, Connecticut, our product liability attorneys investigate reports of defective medical devices and work with injured clients to assure that they receive fair compensation.

A Medical Device Failure Can Mean Additional Surgery, Additional Pain

A hip replacement or knee replacement prosthesis that malfunctions can result in a painful condition and the need for replacement. After undergoing one surgery and rehabilitative course of therapy, the patient must undergo the process again, doubling the pain, discomfort and time away from work and home.

Medical devices that help patients deal with medical problems — pacemakers, insulin pumps, respirators, defibrillators — are lifesavers when they work correctly. But a defective medical device can injure a patient without warning.

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The attorneys at Jacobs & Dow understand medical malpractice and product liability cases. We work with medical and bioengineering experts to determine if a medical device was defective and caused serious injury to a patient.

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