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Experienced Defense Against A Wide Range Of Felony Charges

If police are asking questions about an alleged crime or if you’ve been arrested, don’t try to talk your way out of a difficult situation. You may say something that makes your situation worse.

When police ask questions or when they place you under arrest, you need a felony defense or misdemeanor defense attorney experienced with Connecticut laws and law enforcement. We can help you at Jacobs & Dow, LLC, in New Haven, Connecticut.

Our Felony And Misdemeanor Defense Lawyers Are Prepared To Help

Our law firm is able to handle the full range of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies. Whatever charges are made, you will need an experienced defense lawyer to help you out of trouble.

We Know How To Challenge Evidence And Adverse Witnesses

Our law firm has dealt with virtually all types of courtroom forensic evidence including:

  • Eyewitness testimony
  • Statements from others including victims, complaining witnesses and cooperating witnesses
  • Statements from the accused
  • Fingerprints, blood alcohol and toxicology testing
  • Hair, blood, semen, saliva and other bodily fluids used in DNA testing
  • Footprints, tire tracks, photographs
  • Guns, bullets, knives, other weapons and other crime scene evidence
  • Drugs, equipment and paraphernalia
  • Videotape, audiotape, wiretaps, surveillance, Internet e-mail, disc drives, hard drives, digital images
  • Handwriting and questioned documents, documentary evidence, electronic evidence

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