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The investigation may begin with a simple request from the prosecutor’s office for information for you to answer a few questions. But a prosecution on charges of white collar crime will change your life forever. If you believe you are or may become a prime suspect in a fraud, embezzlement or RICO investigation, don’t respond to requests for an interview until you’ve consulted an experienced defense lawyer.

Since 1947, the criminal defense lawyers of Jacobs & Dow, LLC, in New Haven, Connecticut, have earned a reputation for efficiently resolving our client’s legal problems. When you hire us in a white collar crime case, we act quickly and effectively to protect your rights. We’ve successfully represented defendants in many high profile white collar crime prosecutions in Connecticut.

Suspicion Or An Arrest Can Impact Your Reputation

Even an investigation on a white collar crime case can destroy a reputation or career. Contact our criminal defense lawyers early in the case, before the investigation results in a prosecution and damages your standing in the community.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will talk to investigators and prosecutors before charges are filed. Your lawyer can determine the quality of the prosecution’s evidence and challenge the admissibility of evidence that was collected in violation of your rights. Our law firm has experience with tracking complex financial data and discrediting accusations by law enforcement investigators.

Charges of embezzlement, theft, fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and other white collar crimes are serious felonies. The accused may be charged either in federal or state courts. For over sixty years our attorneys have successfully defended white collar crime charges in all Connecticut courts. We have the experience, legal knowledge, and reputation among judges and prosecutors to represent you effectively whatever the charge.

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