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Alternative transportation accidents—skateboards, scooters, e-bikes

Do you ride an alternative means of transportation? A scooter? A powered scooter? A skateboard? A hoverboard? An e-bike? A moped? A city-bike? An electric unicycle? Were you injured in a collision? Were you in the street? In a bike lane? On the sidewalk? Were you a pedestrian? A motorist? Something in between? Did a pedestrian collide with you? Are you covered by Connecticut’s new pedestrian-friendly traffic laws? Does automobile insurance apply? Who pays your medical bills? Your lost wages? Who pays to replace your expensive e-bike that is now destroyed? Do you have a case?

Since the pandemic, people are riding all sorts of new types of transportation on our city streets, sidewalks, roads and highways. Some of these are human-powered, others run on batteries. What happens when they crash? In many cases, the law has not caught up with the new technology. Your case may present new questions for the courts. We have experience applying existing law to new problems. We can help you.

If you have been injured while using an alternative mode of transportation, and you need to know your rights, please call us. We will assess your situation and let you know if you have a case. The consultation is free. If you have a case, we will do our very best to help you win.