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Person of interest interviewed in Connecticut pedestrian accident

Most drivers in Connecticut have likely made a mistake while driving. While mistakes are typically relatively innocuous, in some cases they can have fatal consequences. Following such an incident, drivers are required to remain at the scene. However, police in Connecticut are investigating a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

Connecticut State Police say the accident happened at approximately 7 p.m. on an day in early October. A driver reportedly allowed the vehicle he or she was driving to run out of the road, striking a pedestrian. The pedestrian, a 26-year-old woman, was transported to the hospital but later passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the collision.

Fatal auto accident severely injures police officer

Most Connecticut drivers do their best to drive safely, obey the laws and avoid a crash. A fatal auto accident is often the result of driver error or some other form of negligence. The surviving families of deceased victims have legal recourse available in many of these situations. A recent accident that took the life of a woman from Hamden, though it appears she was the culpable party.

The woman was driving on Interstate 91 when she caused a serious accident. For some reason, she was driving in the wrong direction along the highway and struck a pickup truck head on. It is unclear at this time what led to the woman's seemingly careless mistake, though further details may become available once the official investigation is completed. 

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident in local parking lot

Connecticut residents know that extra caution must be used in places where foot traffic is heavy. Busy parking lots often have stop signs, low speed limits and crossing zones as a way to keep shoppers safe as they walk through. Sometimes, accidents happen, but whether the driver or a pedestrian is at fault, all involved are required to remain on the scene until help arrives. A recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident left a mother and young child shaken. 

Police responded to a call for help from the parking lot at a local Connecticut business. A driver had hit a woman pushing a shopping cart. The woman was a mother, and her small child was riding in the cart when they were struck. 

How to avoid becoming a victim of a public transit accident

The state of Connecticut is still criss-crossed with train tracks, and though it might seem a picturesque nod to an era long passed, residents should be aware that the tracks are still active and used daily by commuter and freight trains. Though many drivers consider it a bother to stop when the safety rails lower, indicating a train is approaching, state police are urging people to stop as soon as the signal begins, even if they think the train is still a long way off. During the recent Rail Safety Week, officials have started a campaign to help people avoid becoming a victim of a public transit accident

In what Connecticut police have dubbed "Operation Clear the Tracks," an effort is being made to warn drivers and pedestrians to stay off the tracks. Though many places where vehicle traffic crosses a train track have warning lights and safety rails, people who cross on foot or an off-road vehicle may have no warning at all. It has been estimated that thousands of people are injured attempting to cross train tracks nationwide every year. 

Motorcycle crash injures rider

Now that the heat of the summer has begun to dwindle and the leaves are beginning to change across Connecticut, many motorcycle enthusiasts are excited to take their bikes for a spin. Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers are often in close proximity to larger vehicles, and the risk of injury during a motorcycle crash is substantial. Even when riders wear a helmet and do their best to safely maneuver through traffic, serious injury and even death remain a grim possibility. 

Recently, a motorcycle driver from Connecticut was making his way through evening traffic. As he attempted to pass an SUV, the driver of the larger vehicle turned left, possibly never even seeing the motorcycle. The driver of the SUV struck the motorcycle as it turned. 

Pedestrian accident at car show injures two

Car shows can be an exciting way for families to spend time together. Even people that are not thrilled by the automotive displays can enjoy good food, live music and a few hours outside with their loved ones. Most car shows in Connecticut have strict rules to help keep patrons stay safe, but when people disregard these safety guidelines, there is an enormous risk for a pedestrian accident

Recently, a father and son made their way to a car show sponsored by the local police department. To help keep the event safe, Connecticut police posted the rules days in advance on social media and also on signs at the event. One of the posted rules was "no burnouts." A burnout is a maneuver in which a driver attempts to rev the engine and make the tires smoke to impress the crowd. This can be dangerous for people on foot because if the stunt is not executed properly a vehicle can easily speed off out of control. 

Errant police chase a factor in fatal accident

When Connecticut drivers see lights or hear sirens, they should check to see if they need to pull over to let an emergency vehicle pass. Sometimes, an ambulance is rushing to help someone. On other occasions, it may be the police, chasing after a driver that is attempting to flee. In these cases, other drivers on the road are at an increased risk of a fatal accident, because police chases often involve high speeds and negligent suspects. 

Recently, one police officer may be facing disciplinary action after he continued to chase a suspect, reportedly with only blue lights as a warning to fellow motorists, through an area of congested traffic. The officer's superiors say that the officer did not use good judgment by continuing to chase a suspect through the busy streets, and the suspect wound up hitting a car that was not involved. Three people, including an innocent man that had just been to visit his newborn baby at the hospital, died as a result. 

Toddlers injured in pedestrian accident

Many daycare centers across the state of Connecticut try to get the children out for a walk. Some fresh air and a stroll along a familiar route through the community can be an exciting part of a child's day. Though daycare workers prioritize safety, and do their best to keep their group of small children organized, these walks can bring about an increased risk of a pedestrian accident.

Recently, a daycare group had children walking hand in hand, with a care worker at each end of the line. The daycare workers explain that by taking daily walks, the children have the opportunity to be part of their community. As the group began to cross a street, a driver, who by several reports was speeding, struck the group of children. 

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident leaves victim's life in limbo

Connecticut residents are likely aware that, whether a person is driving or on foot, the risk of an accident is an ever-present concern. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, he or she can suffer serious injury or death. Laws require that, in the event of an accident, drivers are to pull off the road as soon as they are safely able, report the accident to police and see if they can render aid to any victims until help arrives. Though any pedestrian accident can be serious, a hit-and-run pedestrian accident may be especially devastating because the victim may have to wait even longer for help. 

Recently, Connecticut police have asked for the help of the public in locating the driver responsible for hitting a person on foot near a housing complex. The vehicle involved is reported to be a sedan that is gray or tan in color. They suspect it will show front-end damage from where it struck the pedestrian. 

Police seek justice for fatal hit-and-run accident victim

Before Connecticut residents are awarded a driver's license, they are taught what to do if they are ever involved in a car accident. Proper accident procedure requires drivers involved in an accident, regardless of fault, to maneuver to the side of the road as soon as they are safely able, call the police and, if possible, render aid to any injured victims until help arrives. When a driver chooses to ignore these rules, a victim's chance of survival is drastically lowered. This was the case in a recent fatal hit-and-run accident.

An innocent man suffered serious injuries when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by another vehicle. Witnesses told police that the man was struck with such force, his head went through the vehicle's windshield and became lodged in the glass. The offending driver chose to speed away, with the injured victim still stuck on his vehicle. Police found the body of the victim, deceased, a few blocks away from the scene of the crime, but were unable to locate the driver responsible or the vehicle involved in the death.