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Mysterious circumstances surround train accident

For many Connecticut residents, watching a train chug along the tracks gives a certain feeling of nostalgia. A nod to an era long past, trains remind many of a time when our nation relied on them to transport people and goods from coast to coast. Some may assume that trains and their tracks are no longer in frequent use, and the tracks are safe to explore. This is not the case, and trains are making a comeback as an efficient method of transport. Like their predecessors in the past, modern locomotives still carry the risk of a serious train accident

Today, commuter trains are being utilized as a convenient way for people to travel to and from work. People who use trains enjoy the time they do not have to spend driving on crowded streets, and can spend their time on board working on a laptop, catching up with friends, or merely watching the scenery roll by out the window. Trains are viewed as relatively safe, because they travel up and down a track, and while this is the case, many lack the ability to stop quickly if there is an obstacle in the track. 

Public transit accident leaves child injured

Summer is winding down in Connecticut, and buses full of children are venturing back out onto the road as a new school year begins. While many children rely on buses to get them to school and return them home, parents may worry about the risk of a public transit accident. Especially when roads are congested by morning traffic or an afternoon rush hour, the risk of a serious accident increases. 

Recently, a Connecticut child suffered injuries as a result of an accident involving the bus in which he was riding. It is reported he was the only passenger on the bus when it collided with another car. The road where the crash occurred had to be closed for over an hour as emergency workers cleaned the debris and launched an investigation into what caused the accident. 

Pedestrian accident victim dies from injuries

As one of the most naturally scenic states in the nation, a drive through Connecticut can be a pleasure. With so much to look at out the window, it is important for drivers to remember to keep their eyes on the road. In addition to navigating through lines of other vehicles, drivers need to keep a close eye out for pedestrians, who are often difficult to see as they attempt to cross the street. When someone becomes the victim of a pedestrian accident, the injuries suffered may be especially severe. 

Recently, a Connecticut woman began to walk across a street when she was struck by a southbound driver. The driver was attempting to merge into another lane when the accident occurred. The woman suffered severe injuries, and was taken to a nearby hospital for immediate treatment. 

A rear-end collision can quickly turn into a fatal accident

Many Connecticut residents may view rear-end collisions as "fender benders" that do not result in serious injuries. In fact, most people tend to view these crashes as minor, but that is not always the case. Being struck from behind can quickly turn into a fatal accident under certain circumstances.

For instance, troopers with the Connecticut State Police recently responded to the scene of a rear-end collision on Interstate 95. According to preliminary reports, the crash ultimately involved three vehicles. The first two vehicles had come to a stop due to traffic congestion in the left southbound lane. The third vehicle failed to stop and slammed into what became the middle vehicle.

Mother of 5 becomes pedestrian accident victim

For many Connecticut residents, it is the time of year to be out and about enjoying the summer weather. Most people assume that when they venture out for a stroll around their neighborhood, they will return home safely intact. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and on some occasions a person becomes a pedestrian accident victim

On July 7, a Connecticut woman was found dead in the street. Horrified witnesses gathered at the scene, and were deeply saddened when they recognized the victim as a local mother of five, much beloved by her neighbors. They describe her as a friendly person who would help anyone she could.

Man dies in motorcycle crash, other driver flees

Connecticut drivers know that if an accident occurs, the proper thing to do is to stop their vehicle as safely as they can, try to call for help and wait for law enforcement to arrive. Sometimes, people's actions in the minutes after an accident occurs are the difference between life and death for people who have suffered injuries. Even if a person fears they are at fault and have caused injuries or damage to another, running away is never the right thing to do, and is against the law. Unfortunately, a recent motorcycle crash turned fatal for the rider, and the driver who struck him fled the scene. 

A Connecticut man struck a motorcycle being operated by another man, and did not immediately stop. Camera footage showed that the man stopped several streets later. He was then confronted by a person who had seen the crash, but he drove off again. The 37-year-old motorcycle driver lay injured at the scene, and when help arrived, it was determined that the injuries he had suffered were fatal. 

Fatal accident blamed on illegal racing, arrests made

Connecticut residents are likely aware that summer vacation means sharing the roads with a large number of teen drivers. Most parents do their best to prepare young drivers, and drivers' education courses stress the importance of obeying traffic laws and driving in a safe and courteous manner. On some occasions, however, teens choose to disregard the laws and chase an adrenaline rush by racing illegally on the streets. This behavior is a frightening scenario that can lead to a fatal accident. 

In April, a 19-year-old male driver chose to risk life and limb by racing another car as he traveled south on River Road in Shelton. His vehicle rammed into a car headed north. The young driver had a car full of passengers, including an 18-year-old, a 19-year-old and the driver's 23-year-old wife, who was carrying an unborn child at the time. His wife, unborn child, and one passenger all died as a result. The fourth passenger and the occupants of the vehicle he struck also suffered injuries. 

Trailer-truck accident claims two lives over weekend

Connecticut drivers are likely aware that as the summer heat increases, so does the amount of traffic on the roads shared by residents and tourists alike. Crowded highway lanes lead to an increased risk of a trailer-truck accident. Even though some motorists are traveling for fun, many truck drivers are making their way across the nation, moving the goods and supplies necessary to keep the country running. 

In June 2018, a semitruck was involved in a crash with two smaller cars on Interstate 84. Following the accident, 80 gallons of fuel spilled from the large truck, prompting a response from the Environmental Protection Agency. The highway was closed in both directions for several hours in the aftermath. 

Small child becomes pedestrian accident victim

Connecticut residents likely consider their state to be a relatively safe place to live and raise a family. While this is generally the case, the state is far from immune from the types of crimes that plague the rest of the nation. While most residents would agree that car accidents involving pedestrians are especially dangerous and frightening, pedestrian accident victims are especially at risk when a driver chooses to flee the scene. 

On June 4, a 7-year-old Connecticut boy was walking to climb aboard his school bus when he was struck by a car. The driver of the bus had deployed the stop sign for the bus, to alert other drivers that the bus was stopped and children would be in the area on foot. It is against the law to refuse to stop for a bus' stop sign. The driver of the car did not stop, even after striking the small child. 

Motorcycle crash victim loses life.

Connecticut drivers would likely agree that in addition to watching out for pedestrians, animals, bicyclists and other vehicles that often share the roadways, it is important to keep an eye out for motorcycles as well. Many consider motorcycles to be a fun and exciting way to travel, and while that may be true, they can also be quite dangerous. Due to the very nature of riding a motorcycle, the driver is largely unprotected, except for personal safety gear. This means that any motorcycle crash has an increased probability of resulting in serious injury or death. 

On June 3, a man was traveling through the streets of New Britain on his motorcycle. Unfortunately, he became involved in a collision with a car driven by a 30-year-old woman from a neighboring town. The driver of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries as a result.