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New Haven Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Wrong-way driver causes fatal auto accident on I-91

Connecticut drivers may wonder just how others end up heading the wrong way on an Interstate. During the day, sober and coherent drivers may have no trouble making sure they are not entering the highway in the wrong direction, but once the sun goes down, when people begin drinking or are otherwise unable to notice their location on the roadway, it becomes more possible than people realize. Under these circumstances, everyone is at risk of (literally) running into a wrong-way driver, and that driver's negligence could result in a fatal auto accident.

Recently, emergency personnel responded to the scene of a crash on Interstate 91 here in Connecticut. Upon arrival, they discovered one driver, a 22-year-old man, deceased on the scene. The other driver, a 34-year-old man, initially survived the crash. Emergency responders transported him to a hospital in the area where he sadly passed away from the injuries he suffered in the accident.

Community grieves loss of school student following train accident

When Connecticut parents put their children on school buses, they reasonably expect bus drivers and other travelers to act with caution and safety so their children arrive to their destinations unscathed. Most parents definitely would not expect their children to suffer injury in a train accident on their way to or from school. Sadly, just such an accident recently occurred in another state, which resulted in a student fatality and serious injury to another child.

An Amtrak train collided with a school bus on the tracks. A local police chief who commented on the incident said this particular section of tracks in not secured. There are no traffic signals or crossing arms at the track intersection where the crash occurred. A prayer vigil was organized, following the tragic accident, as families mourned the loss of a child and prayed for the survival of another whose condition was listed as critical.

Fatal accident shows how dangerous intersections can be

Most licensed drivers in Connecticut understand that certain types of road layouts are more dangerous than others. Driving on a quiet, country lane may not pose as high of a risk for injury as navigating a busy intersection in a metropolitan region. In fact, intersections are often the scenes of serious collisions. A fatal accident that occurred on a recent Saturday night involved two vehicles.

It was approximately 11 p.m. when the tragic incident occurred. It is not uncommon for late-night hours to be risky times for travel, as drunk driving, street-racing and other reckless situations often take place at such times. The recent collision involved two cars. A 21-year-old was at the wheel of one car, and the driver of the other car was a 62-year-old woman.

Teen driver causes fatal motorcycle accident

When a Connecticut teen is preparing to obtain his or her driver's license, there is a lot to learn. Though practice and a good education program can prepare a teen driver to pass the road test, statistics show that newly-licensed drivers are at higher risk to be involved in a crash. Even seasoned drivers must use extra caution when traveling alongside a motorcycle on the road, and recently a teen driver was charged with regard to a fatal motorcycle accident

Last fall, an 18-year-old boy turned left, crossing a lane of oncoming traffic. He struck a 26-year-old Connecticut man on a motorcycle. The rider suffered injuries so severe that he lost his life as a result. 

Pedestrian accident kills local mother, distracted driving blamed

Connecticut drivers have been warned about the dangers of distracted driving. One might think that the people responsible for enforcing laws regarding unsafe driving may be more vigilant behind the wheel themselves, but this may not always be the case. In a recent tragedy, a local police officer was not paying attention on the road, resulting in a fatal pedestrian accident

Reports indicate that a local mother of three children was crossing the street on foot. As she made her way to the other side, she was struck by a vehicle. As emergency personnel and police arrived, they were shocked when the driver at fault was identified as one of their own. 

Pedestrian accident injuries can be avoided

Pedestrians in Connecticut and other states will always be vulnerable because they have no protection against the impact of vehicles. Advanced technology adds additional safety measures to each new model that comes onto the market, and while drivers are now safer inside their cars than ever before, pedestrian accident injuries remain a significant concern. Vehicle operators can take a few simple steps to prevent pedestrian accidents.

Although safety is a responsibility that is shared by all road users, vehicle operators must look out for pedestrians, especially in adverse weather conditions or after dark. Drivers must slow down and prepare to stop, if necessary, as they enter intersections or when they prepare to make a turn. Drivers must stop and yield for pedestrians in crosswalks, and give them enough time to complete the crossing before they proceed on their trips.

Pedestrian accident victim loses life, investigation ongoing

Winter has arrived in Connecticut, but drivers should be aware that many people are still out and about, walking close to roadways. Though certainly, most drivers would say that they do their best to be safe behind the wheel, an accident can happen in an instant. When a crash involves a person on foot, the result can be devastating for a pedestrian accident victim

Recently, a 61-year-old Connecticut man was attempting to cross the road on foot. He was struck by a vehicle and suffered serious injuries. When police and rescue workers arrived, the man was in critical condition. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, but all attempts to save his life were unsuccessful. 

Train accident statistics spark new regulations

During the winter months especially, Connecticut rail lines turn the countryside into a picturesque scene that resembles a vintage greeting card. With three operating passenger lines, a train chugging past a snowy hillside, or through a small town may look like a nostalgic nod to an era long past, but many residents still rely on trains for transportation. Modern passenger trains are a highly efficient way to travel, and with the cost of owning a personal vehicle continuing to rise, trains are making a comeback. Unfortunately, there is still a risk of a rider being involved in a train accident

Train accidents and derailments still occur, even in modern times. And when they do, they're often catastrophic. The federal government has imposed new regulations regarding all passenger trains across the nation. Beginning in Jan. 2019, all passenger train lines in the United States must be equipped with new technology known as positive train control. 

Fatal auto accident results in fire

All a Connecticut resident need do is turn on the television and watch a few shows and commercials to see scenes of friends and family traveling here and there to celebrate the holiday season with loved ones. While certainly, these heart-warming scenes are meant to encourage togetherness and excitement, they fail to represent the reality. A fatal auto accident can claim innocent lives, and families are left to pick up the pieces. 

Recently, a Connecticut road became a gruesome scene after a car collided with a pickup truck. The car was sent careening into a fence upon impact. The vehicle then burst into flames, and attempts to rescue the driver failed. 

Teen seriously injured in pedestrian accident

As Connecticut parents are certainly aware, a teen getting his or her driver's license is both an exciting and a frightening milestone. As teens set out on their own, parents can only hope that they can recall all they have learned to stay safe behind the wheel, and will not be tempted to break the law or show off for friends. Statistically, teen drivers are a high-risk category, and even when teens do their best to drive safely, the risk of a crash or pedestrian accident is ever-present. 

Recently, a Connecticut teen was in the parking lot of her high school. She was standing near the rear of a vehicle parked in the lot. Suddenly, another driver put his or her car in reverse and did not see the girl standing behind the vehicle.