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New Haven Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Teen seriously injured in pedestrian accident

As Connecticut parents are certainly aware, a teen getting his or her driver's license is both an exciting and a frightening milestone. As teens set out on their own, parents can only hope that they can recall all they have learned to stay safe behind the wheel, and will not be tempted to break the law or show off for friends. Statistically, teen drivers are a high-risk category, and even when teens do their best to drive safely, the risk of a crash or pedestrian accident is ever-present. 

Recently, a Connecticut teen was in the parking lot of her high school. She was standing near the rear of a vehicle parked in the lot. Suddenly, another driver put his or her car in reverse and did not see the girl standing behind the vehicle. 

Driver caused horrific motorcycle crash

Motorcycle enthusiasts often band together for a ride, sometimes to raise awareness for a certain cause and sometimes just for fun. Connecticut drivers may have seen such an event in their travels. Drivers in larger vehicles should always exercise extra caution when traveling near smaller vehicles like motorcycles because, in the event of a motorcycle crash, its operator may be largely unprotected, and can suffer serious injury or death if stricken by a larger car or truck. 

One Connecticut driver showed complete disregard for the safety of others when she took to the road under the influence. She was later discovered to be under the influence of two prescription drugs -- many of which can affect one's ability to drive even if taken according to directions -- and more than the legal limit of alcohol. Many prescription medications warn patients that they may be impaired by side effects, and some medications ought never be mixed with alcohol. 

Fatal accident kills 2 and injures 3; driver at fault

Winter is fast approaching, and Connecticut residents are no strangers to the sorts of hazards winter weather can bring. Darkness falls early, limiting visibility. Snow and ice may make road conditions dangerous. The holiday season also plays a role in the increased amount of traffic as people venture out to visit loved ones or shop for gifts. It has become apparent that the winter months have an increased potential for a fatal accident.

Recently, a Connecticut driver failed to maintain control of her car. As the vehicle skidded across the road, it crossed lanes of oncoming traffic. The small sedan then slammed into a tree. 

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident leaves bicyclist injured

Connecticut drivers probably know that when they become involved in a crash, the right thing to do is to stop, move their vehicle off the road and report the accident to law enforcement. If someone is injured, a person should render any aid they can until rescue workers arrive. Unfortunately, if a driver does not follow these rules, a person may become the victim of a hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

Recently, a Connecticut woman was riding her bicycle when she was struck by a pickup truck. She suffered serious injuries as a result. The driver that struck the woman did not stop, and rather fled the scene, leaving the victim to fend for herself. 

Train accident reaches Supreme Court

Many people may not realize how many Connecticut residents rely on trains each day. Though generally considered a safe and efficient way to get from place to place, sometimes -- even with modern safety technology -- tragedy can strike. Recently, a train accident sparked a debate that has made its way to the state's highest court. 

The lawsuit was filed by the widow of a man who was killed by a train. He slipped on a bit of ice on the platform and tumbled onto the track. Though the train was reportedly traveling at a safe speed, the man was struck and killed as the train pulled into the station. The man's widow argued that, since conditions were precarious due to ice, the trains should not have been running on the tracks closest to the platforms. 

Hit-and-run pedestrian accident leaves one dead

Autumn is in full swing across Connecticut, and people have a few short weeks to enjoy the outdoors before another cold winter takes hold. Many residents enjoy a walk this time of year, and increased foot traffic becomes a concern for drivers. Recently, there have been a cluster of accidents that have claimed lives, and a hit-and-run pedestrian accident this past week brought the death toll to two in a week. 

Two people were attempting to cross I-95 in Connecticut on foot. Though the pair successfully made it across the northbound lanes, one of them, a 34-year-old man, was struck as he attempted to cross the southbound lanes. He was reportedly hit by a large tractor trailer truck, and the driver of the truck did not even stop to see what he had hit. 

Truck accidents: Bus crash hurts kids on way to school

For many Connecticut children, riding the bus is a part of daily life. Many student use buses to get back and forth to school. While riding the bus can be a fun way to hang out with friends and talk about the day, they could be at risk for getting hurt. Bus and truck accidents are all too common occurrences across the country.

Recently, a Connecticut school bus became involved in an accident with a car. At least 12 children on board suffered injuries. The driver of the car was also injured. Police say parents of all children who were on the bus were notified of the crash by the local school board. 

Motorcycle crash injures police officer

Though many Connecticut residents may consider riding a motorcycle to be a recreational activity, for some, driving a motorcycle is all in a day's work. Some police officers suit up each day to patrol the community on a motorcycle. Motorcycles are fuel efficient and allow officers to maneuver in traffic easier than they could in a larger cruiser. Though equipped with proper safety gear, and trained to drive defensively, these officers remain at risk for injury during a motorcycle crash. 

Recently, one Connecticut officer was making his way through afternoon traffic at a busy intersection in Norwalk. The driver of a sedan attempted to make a left turn and struck the officer. Though he was wearing a top of the line helmet, the officer suffered injuries as a result. Local emergency responders rushed to the scene to render aid. 

Person of interest interviewed in Connecticut pedestrian accident

Most drivers in Connecticut have likely made a mistake while driving. While mistakes are typically relatively innocuous, in some cases they can have fatal consequences. Following such an incident, drivers are required to remain at the scene. However, police in Connecticut are investigating a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

Connecticut State Police say the accident happened at approximately 7 p.m. on an day in early October. A driver reportedly allowed the vehicle he or she was driving to run out of the road, striking a pedestrian. The pedestrian, a 26-year-old woman, was transported to the hospital but later passed away as a result of injuries suffered in the collision.

Fatal auto accident severely injures police officer

Most Connecticut drivers do their best to drive safely, obey the laws and avoid a crash. A fatal auto accident is often the result of driver error or some other form of negligence. The surviving families of deceased victims have legal recourse available in many of these situations. A recent accident that took the life of a woman from Hamden, though it appears she was the culpable party.

The woman was driving on Interstate 91 when she caused a serious accident. For some reason, she was driving in the wrong direction along the highway and struck a pickup truck head on. It is unclear at this time what led to the woman's seemingly careless mistake, though further details may become available once the official investigation is completed.