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New Haven Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Recall on defective motorcycle parts

Recalls are not uncommon and unfortunately happen quite often. No matter how great the motorcycle manufacturer is, mistakes happen and things ultimately slip through the quality inspections of some factories. The real problem lies when owners do not comply with the recall leading to a potentially dangerous situation. Residents of Connecticut owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle, may want to double check their mailboxes as a recent recall for defective motorcycle parts was just issued by the company.

In a recent statement issued by Harley Davidson, almost 250,000 motorcycles were being recalled due to brakes potentially failing without warning. The 2008-2011 VRSC, Touring and CVO Touring models were all affected,and the needed repair to correct the recall would be covered by the company. Harley Davidson also stated that the recall may have been preventable had the owners replaced the motorcycle brake fluid every two years as recommended.

Pedestrian accident claims 2 lives

Whether a pedestrian is walking, jogging or stepping out of a vehicle, he or she is extremely vulnerable against negligent drivers. When a person and a moving vehicle make contact, the injuries suffered are usually life-threatening and often fatal. Unfortunately, two Connecticut women were killed in a pedestrian accident when they were hit by a car while crossing the street in January.

During the evening hours, the women were struck by a vehicle as they were getting out of a cab in Hartford. They were rushed to a nearby hospital. One victim succumbed to her injuries that night while the other died a week later. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene but later turned himself in and is now facing multiple charges, including two counts of second degree manslaughter and evading responsibility with the deaths, along with reckless driving and operating with a suspended license.

Convicted felon causes fatal accident

According to data, fatalities on Connecticut highways continue to rise. To help raise awareness, death toll numbers are publicly displayed on the highways to warn drivers of roadway dangers and the need to drive safely. While most drivers are mindful of these warnings, many others are oblivious. In a recent fatal accident, a mother was killed and her son was injured when a speeding vehicle driven by a convicted felon struck the woman's car.

The crash occurred during the late evening hours when the mother's car was tragically struck at an intersection after the suspects car ran a red light. A police report stated that the suspect was driving at a high rate of speed, passing by two stopped cars before ultimately colliding with the victim's car. The mother, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries, while her son sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Pedestrian accident injures elderly woman walking to church

Pedestrians sharing the road with drivers can sometimes be a recipe for disaster. Even though continuous efforts are made to improve pedestrian safety, the risk of injury remains high for anyone crossing a parking lot, sidewalk or road by foot. Unfortunately, a Connecticut elderly woman is recovering from injuries sustained from a pedestrian accident while walking to church Sunday morning.

According to police report, an elderly woman sustained non-life-threatening injuries to her head after being struck by a compact SUV in the church parking lot. As the driver of the SUV entered the parking lot, a sudden glare from the sun altered his vision, causing him to strike the elderly pedestrian. No injuries were sustained from the driver, and police continue to investigate the accident.

Fatal auto accident claims 2 lives, leads to 1 injury

Sadly, two people have lost their lives in a Connecticut car crash. The fatal auto accident occurred during the late-night hours on a recent Monday. Sometimes, these types of car accidents happen due to a driver's carelessness, in which case, the negligent driver may be held financially responsible for any injuries or deaths resulting from the car accident.

The recent accident occurred at a little past 10 p.m. along an avenue near a town line. It involved two cars. Authorities said they had to pull two men from one car's wreckage following the crash. Unfortunately, they were both pronounced deceased at the crash scene.

Fatal auto accident claims the lives of 2 Connecticut men

A recent tragedy has claimed the lives of two local men, and details of the event were released to the public via the news media. Little is known about the fatal auto accident in Connecticut, except for the fact that two lives were lost and another person was seriously injured. The roadways continue to be a dangerous place for individuals traveling in cars, and this recent occurrence is a testament to the perils of driving. 

Occurring on Monday, Jan. 8, at approximately 10 p.m., little else is known about the exact details of the crash except that it appeared to be a head-on collision. Two men were traveling in one car that struck a second car on Connecticut Avenue in Norwalk. The men traveling in the car together became trapped. Responders were able to remove the men from their car, but both were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Fatal accident reports in Connecticut over the holiday

State police have responded to hundreds of vehicle collisions over the four-day New Year's holiday. Of the almost 500 incidents reported in Connecticut over the holiday, only two were fatal accident reports. This number is up over last year's recorded numbers, underscoring that the holidays can be a treacherous time for individuals to be on the roads. 

Police announced the numbers Tuesday, Jan. 2, reporting a total of 494 accidents. The enforcement period range from 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 29 and ran until 11:59 p.m on Monday, Jan. 2. Some 54 accidents resulted in an injury of some kind, including the two fatal accidents, one of which occurred in the town of Trumbull and the other in the town of Glastonbury. 

Connecticut negligent truck driver cited for accident

A recent event on a state roadway forced an evacuation of the area. The negligent truck driver was cited for his role in the accident. The Connecticut state road was briefly closed as authorities managed the aftermath of the event. 

The man was driving a fully loaded propane truck when it left the roadway and struck a residential structure on Monday, Dec. 18. The incident occurred on Route 42 in Bethany. At approximately 3:45 p.m., the truck overturned and struck a house when the driver failed to negotiate a turn in the road, hit the guardrail, traveled for 80 feet along the rail and came to rest against the house. 

Pedestrian accident claims life of Connecticut woman

An unfortunate accident has claimed the life of one local woman. A 50-year-old Bridgeport, Connecticut, resident was crossing the street near a shopping center when she was struck by a car. Several other individuals were harmed in the pedestrian accident also. 

The incident occurred Tuesday, Dec. 19, in the morning hours. Witnesses on the scene reported that a speeding sports car struck the woman and then veered off the road, striking a tree and another car as it exited a gas station. First responders on the scene provided first aid to the struck female before she was taken to a nearby hospital.

Woman dies in Connecticut fatal auto accident

A recent tragedy on a local road has led to the death of one individual. The early morning incident turned into a fatal auto accident after the driver of one of the vehicles involved lost her life. The Connecticut roadway was briefly closed as authorities investigated the incident. 

At approximately 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12, officials received reports of an accident on a local road in Chaplin. One person was entrapped in a vehicle, and two other cars were involved in the collision. The initial reports said that the trapped driver, a woman, faced potentially life-threatening injuries. She was removed from the car and taken to the local hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.