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Police seek information about hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Summer has officially begun, and Connecticut residents are out and about. With beautiful weather and so much to do, drivers need to remain vigilant and watch for people on foot. Sadly, each year, hundreds of people are injured or killed when they are struck by vehicles, and a recent hit-and-run pedestrian accident has police searching for clues. 

So far, investigators have revealed that a woman was walking through a small town in Connecticut. She was struck by a car and injured. The driver sped off and did not even attempt to render aid to the wounded victim. 

Fatal accident may reveal flaws on infamous stretch of road

Summer vacation is underway, and Connecticut drivers need to remain alert. The summer months often bring an increase in traffic, when kids are out of school and people often visit from out of town. Recently, fatal accident has caught the attention of the media, because it occurred on a stretch of road that is quickly becoming infamous. 

The recent tragedy has prompted a detailed investigation. So far, law enforcement has determined that a sedan and a dump truck became involved in the serious collision. The driver of the sedan was killed as a result. The dump truck went off the road and into a nearby body of water. The injured driver was able to escape and swim to shore, and a water rescue team and environmental experts were called to the scene. 

New strategies might increase risk of train accident

Connecticut commuters may have already seen the news about positive train control, the innovative new safety technology that removes a lot of potential for human operator error. Positive train control is to be implemented nationwide by next year. With some railways already utilizing the technology meant to reduce the risk of a train accident, customers and experts have already noticed potential snags. 

Many say that positive train control slows a train down, and this could be bad for business. The use of trains is actually making a comeback, and it is becoming clear that commuting via train to a large city is a way to open up employment opportunities to people who need a job but have no means to make such a commute by personal vehicle. Already, passenger trains carry hard-working people from Connecticut to and from work each day. 

Pedestrian accident may have been intentional crime

Connecticut drivers know to use extra caution when driving in places where there is the likelihood of pedestrian traffic, such as a parking lot. Most drivers can probably recall a trip to a grocery store or gas station where a person on foot seemed to appear out of nowhere. In the event of a pedestrian accident, a driver and any witnesses should remain on the scene and attempt to render aid to a victim until help arrives. 

Not all pedestrian accidents are so cut and dry. Recently, horrified witnesses recounted an incident in a parking lot that began as a verbal dispute and nearly ended in death. It seems that two persons were in the middle of a heated argument when one ran the other over with his sedan. 

Drunk driver causes motorcycle accident

Summer is coming, and motorcycle drivers are back on the roads. Connecticut motorists must take extra care to watch for persons on foot, motorcycles, bicycles and smaller vehicles. Everyone knows it is against the law to drink and drive, but some motorists choose to disregard this important law and take lives into their own hands. Recently, a woman under the influence of alcohol caused a serious motorcycle accident. 

A motorcycle driven by a Connecticut man was struck by a much larger vehicle driven by a Connecticut woman. The crash was serious, and the victim on the motorcycle suffered life-threatening injuries. When police responded, they determined that there was enough evidence to arrest the female driver for DUI. 

State raises awareness about pedestrian accident potential

The weather is beautiful and summer is just around the corner. Many Connecticut families are on the hunt for some free fun and a day spent together. A new initiative provides exactly that, along with some helpful public safety information regarding the risk of a pedestrian accident

The program, named "Watch for me, CT" aims to raise awareness about the potential for a pedestrian accident. Especially in the summer months when children are likely to be outside playing, the risk of getting hit by a car is a very real concern. It is estimated that more than 1,500 people are hit by cars each year in Connecticut alone. Nearly 70 of these accidents ended in death last year. 

New technology could prevent a fatal accident

Spring is in full swing. With summer right around the corner, it may seem like everyone is out and about. Crowded Connecticut roads often mean a higher risk of a fatal accident, and the state is taking measures to prevent injuries. 

Recently, the state decided to try a new way to prevent wrong-way crashes, which are often deadly. If a driver is headed the wrong way on a street, highway or exit ramp, the driver is at risk as well as anyone else in or near the roadway. A new system has been launched to prevent these types of motor vehicle accidents. 

Motorcycle crash kills 1in Connecticut

A man is dead following a collision between his motorcycle and a pickup truck, according to authorities. Connecticut State Police confirmed the death of the 26-year-old man in Canterbury on the morning of April 25. The driver of the other vehicle avoided injury, and there is no word as to whether police plan to file charges against him at this time. The motorcycle crash remains under investigation.

According to the limited information provided by the report, it appears the 26-year-old was traveling southbound on Route 12 when a pickup truck driven by a Brooklyn man pulled out in front of him from Butts Bridge Road. This caused the man to crash into the back of the pickup truck with considerable force. The motorcyclist was rushed to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead. 

Passenger suffers serious motorcycle crash injury

Connecticut motorcycle drivers are back on the road in full force. Nice weather has tempted many to take to the road for a little adventure. Some riders choose to take a passenger along for the ride. In the event of a crash, both the biker and any passenger may suffer serious motorcycle crash injuries.

From 1976 until 1989, motorcyclists were required to wear an approved helmet, but the laws have changed. These days, only riders under the age of 18 must comply with a helmet law. In this case, it is reported that neither the driver nor the passenger was wearing a helmet. 

Public transit accident sends 10 to hospital

Ten people were reportedly injured following a collision between a school bus and a minibus in Greenwich, according to local sources. Connecticut authorities responded to the public transit accident that sent 10 adults to Stanford Hospital. While no fatalities resulted from the crash, there were several injuries, and it is not clear at this time whether police will pursue charges against either of the drivers involved. 

According to the limited information provided by the report, a minibus carrying seven developmentally disabled adults, a monitor and the driver was traveling on King Street in Greenwich on the afternoon of April 9 when the accident occurred. A school bus occupied only by a driver reportedly collided with the minibus. The minibus had been transporting the adults on board from a day rehabilitation program to various residences and group homes.