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New Haven Attorneys For Professional Malpractice

It’s not only health care providers that can be sued for professional malpractice. Most licensed professionals must meet accepted standards when providing services to their clients. If their work falls below the profession’s prevailing standard and causes financial harm, professionals can be liable to the injured client in a civil action for malpractice. Lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, land surveyors, real estate and insurance professionals, stockbrokers, financial planners and other licensed persons may be held liable for professional negligence.

Some professions impose particular duties on their practitioners. For example, lawyers owe their clients fiduciary duties of loyalty, so as not to represent them in a conflict of interest situation, and fiduciary duties of integrity in financial matters. Most professionals carry liability insurance which covers them for claims of clients harmed by breaches of prevailing professional standards.

If you believe you’ve been victimized by professional negligence, you should consult an experienced professional malpractice lawyer immediately. An experienced lawyer will be in the best position to assess your claim and recommend a course of action to you, which may involve litigation against the responsible professionals.

Over the years, our lawyers at Jacobs & Dow have also represented professionals accused of malpractice, regulatory violations, ethical violations or other wrongdoings. We have successfully represented lawyers, doctors, accountants, mental health professionals, teachers and other licensed professionals in defense of malpractice claims, as personal or uninsured counsel, at administrative hearings, before grievance committees and ethics boards, and in defense of criminal charges.