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In today’s economy, people go to great lengths to save their homes. It is often unclear how to best protect your investments. If you have been charged with mortgage fraud,  an experienced lawyer can protect your rights and give you the chance to tell your story.

At Jacobs & Dow, LLC, our New Haven mortgage fraud lawyers protect the rights of individuals facing criminal charges in Connecticut courts. With more than 60 years of experience defending people facing white collar criminal charges, we understand the challenges you face and the damages that can be caused by a single conviction.

Protecting Yourself After A Mortgage Fraud Charge

It can happen to anyone who owns a home. You may never have expected to face criminal charges, but once it happens, call an experienced defense lawyer to protect your rights. A single conviction could destroy your reputation, ruin your career and prevent you from ever owning a home again.

We have the resources and financial means to conduct a thorough investigation into the charges against you. Challenging evidence gathered illegally by the police and gathering evidence of our own, we will determine the quality of the prosecution’s case against you in order to build the best possible case.

There are a number of ways to build your defense and protect your future. We believe that a well-informed client is the best client, which is why we will keep you up to date on all your options as your case progresses.

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The sooner you contact an experienced criminal law attorney, the sooner you can start building the aggressive defense you deserve. Open during weekly business hours, our New Haven law offices offer evening and weekend hours by appointment. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and start protecting your rights.