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While there are some workers’ compensation claims that injured workers can easily handle themselves, there are times you need legal help. Examples include when you suffer a serious injury or you have a dispute with the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. An attorney can help you recover the maximum compensation you are due, including recoveries from third parties when someone other than your employer caused your injury.

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Know And Protect Your Workers’ Compensation Rights

In Connecticut, employees injured at work are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation benefits may include:

  • A percentage of your pay while you are out of work
  • Payment of all necessary and reasonable medical expenses
  • Compensation for permanent impairment or permanent disability to a particular body part, such as a hand, arm, leg or back
  • Benefits for partial incapacity and retraining
  • Spouse’s benefits in the event of death

Is My Injury Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation covers both work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Here are a few examples:

  • Back, neck and shoulder injuries
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Aggravation of pre-existing injuries
  • Stress and mental health disorders
  • Chronic pain syndrome

What If Someone Other Than My Employer Caused My Injury?

When our lawyers review your workers’ compensation claim, we also investigate whether you have a third-party claim. In Connecticut, an injured worker normally can’t sue his or her employer for negligence in regular civil court. But when a careless third party causes a workplace injury, the injured worker may be entitled to sue that third party in addition to receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Third-party accidents frequently occur on construction sites where there are many different contractors, subcontractors and suppliers working at the same time. Third-party claims are also common in work-related auto accidents.

What Is A Permanent Impairment Rating?

If you have suffered a degree of permanent injury, you will receive a permanent impairment rating. An attorney can help you receive the full impairment rating you deserve.

Should I Accept A Settlement Of My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may offer you a lump-sum payment to settle your workers’ compensation claim. If you accept this settlement, you will not receive future benefits from workers’ compensation.

How Are Disputes Resolved?

Disputed workers’ compensation claims are heard before a commissioner who acts as the judge. Although often conducted informally, commission proceedings are adversarial. To protect your interests, you should have an attorney to represent you at this hearing.

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