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The Help You need If You Suffered An Injury At A Train Station

Like any other business that serves the public, railroad companies must properly maintain their stations to prevent injuries to visitors. If you have suffered a serious personal injury because of dangerous conditions at a train station or platform, you should call one of our experienced premises liability lawyers today.

At Jacobs & Dow, LLC, our Connecticut train station accident lawyers know how to build a strong case. From investigating the cause of the accident and collecting evidence to determining the appropriate strategy, we will work for full, just and fair compensation for your injuries. See our record of verdicts and settlements.

Slip-And-Fall Accidents At Train Stations

Typically, train stations and platforms are not well maintained, compared to other businesses. Poor maintenance can cause a hazard to the public, particularly in the winter when snow and ice accumulates. Slippery surfaces may lead to slip-and-fall accidents, falls on steps or escalators or and even accidents involving the trains themselves.

Don’t worry about attorney fees. We handle all train station accident cases on a contingency basis. If we don’t recover a settlement for you, there will be no attorney fee.

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