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Do slip-and-falls ever cause serious injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2024 | Personal Injury

A slip-and-fall occurs when someone suddenly loses traction on the floor and then loses their balance as a result. Frequently, slip-and-falls occur at businesses when there are messy entrances or spills that workers fail to clean up in a timely fashion.

The idea that slip-and-falls are always minor incidents is a common misconception. People may fail to advocate for themselves or their loved ones in a scenario that causes significant injuries and expenses because they do not understand the rules that protect someone during a slip-and-fall or the true likelihood of a serious injury. Contrary to what people often assume, slip-and-fall incidents at businesses can cause major medical challenges.

How a same-level fall can lead to serious injury

People often assume that falls are only a safety concern if they involve a significant elevation. Someone who tumbles down a flight of stairs or falls from scaffolding while doing a job could suffer major medical consequences because of that incident.

A fall that only involves someone dropping a few feet to the floor could also lead to major medical challenges. Same-level falls like slip-and-falls send roughly a million people every year to the emergency room. People get hurt in several different ways in slip-and-fall scenarios.

Frequently, someone’s attempt to avoid injury is what puts them at risk. People try to grab items nearby to stop themselves from falling or try to brace themselves on their way down. Those efforts could lead to broken arms, broken shoulders and serious soft tissue injuries.

Depending on the timing and nature of a slip-and-fall, people may not have an opportunity to slow themselves or brace for impact. If someone strikes their head during a slip-and-fall, they could potentially acquire a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Brain injuries related to slip-and-fall incidents can cause symptoms ranging from changes in sensory perception, such as blurry vision, to changes in mood and personality.

People injured in slip-and-fall incidents often need to report what happened to management at a store or other business where they sustained harm and then see a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis of their symptoms. Depending on the extent of their harm, they may also need to seek legal guidance to better understand their rights and options. Understanding that a slip-and-fall could lead to major injuries may help people better respond to what may at first seem like a minor inconvenience.


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