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Hundreds of car accidents reported over Christmas weekend

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

In Connecticut, hundreds of auto collisions were reported over Christmas weekend. The number of car accidents seen this holiday season is said to be up quite a bit compared to the previous year. Some of these crashes did result in fatalities and injuries.

It was recently reported that Connecticut State Police were called to over 460 accidents during Christmas weekend. Five of those collisions resulted in fatalities. A total of 56 of those incidents resulted in injuries. The causes of each of these accidents has not been reported. The current conditions of those who sustained injuries is also unknown.

It was not reported if any of the drivers believed responsible for these accidents will face criminal charges. Over this same weekend, though, 40 people were arrested for driving while impaired, over 600 individuals were ticketed for speeding and over 1,500 citations were given for hazardous moving violations. These violations included cell phone usage, tailgating and failing to wear seat belts.

Car accidents that are the result of negligent behaviors carry significant consequences for everyone involved. The victims of such incidents may have legal recourse. Those injured at the hands of other drivers may file personal injury claims in an effort to recoup the losses that have accumulated following the events — such as medical and rehabilitation expenses, lost income and compensation for pain and suffering. Those who have lost loved ones may also seek damages by filing wrongful death claims in a Connecticut civil court. In cases where negligence can be established, monetary judgments may be awarded.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Holiday Racks up 460 Accidents, 40 DUI Over Weekend“, Dec. 28, 2015


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