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A truck accident may be the result of poor driver decisions

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2015 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Semi trucks can be found just about everywhere you go in Connecticut,. With an improving economy, more trucks are out on the roads than in previous years. Unfortunately, this also means you are more likely to be involved in a truck accident.

When a truck accident happens, there are quite a few things that will need to be investigated in order to help determine the cause of the crash. These include the number of hours a driver has been on the road, the potential use of electronic devices, possible impairment and whether any federal regulations were not being followed. Driver error is one of the main causes, though. Truck drivers are responsible for delivering their loads at specific times. This can lead to poor decisions being made as the stress of sticking to a schedule can become overwhelming.

Those who have been injured or lost loved ones in truck accidents are likely to face a number of challenges. These may be physical, psychological or even financial. To learn how an experienced personal injury attorney can help you if you are in this type of situation, please visit our firm’s website.

When a truck accident happens due to the negligence of the truck driver, victims or surviving family members of those who have died may have legal recourse. An experienced attorney can help those in Connecticut seek compensation for their losses. Civil claims that are litigated successfully against truck drivers and their employers may result in monetary judgments for any and all damages that are recoverable in accordance with the laws of the state.


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