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May 2014 Archives

Pedestrians injured while walking on the street in Connecticut

Summer is almost here and that typically means more people are out walking. Either as a mode of transportation or as a recreational past-time, enjoying a little sunshine is enough to brighten just about anyone's day. Unfortunately, more pedestrians out and about also leads to a rise in auto-pedestrian accidents. Recently, two men were injured while walking on the street in Connecticut.

Alleged drunk driver arrested for a fatal accident in Connecticut

While the consumption of alcohol may be considered a social norm in Connecticut and across the country, accidents caused by those who chose to drink and drive are devastating to families. It is sad but true that an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver often has fatal results. Families of victims who are killed in these types of collisions are left, not only trying to cope with the enormous loss, but seeking justice on behalf of their loved ones.

Fatal accident in Connecticut kills 1, injures 3

A multi-vehicle collision in Connecticut recently claimed the life of one individual and left three others injured. This fatal accident required local law enforcement to close down the road for several hours while they worked to clear the scene. Accidents such as this will almost certainly leave those injured and family members of the deceased looking for answers and seeking justice for the losses suffered.

A pregnant woman in Connecticut injured in a pedestrian accident

Pregnancy often gives way to a myriad of concerns, as far as maintaining the overall health and well-being of the mother and child. Of these worries, getting into an accident while pregnant is probably thought about, but not typically an overwhelming stressor. Unfortunately, for one woman in Connecticut this has become a reality, as she was involved in a pedestrian accident recently.

A motorcyclist was killed in a fatal accident in Connecticut

Accidents that occur between motorcycles and regular passenger vehicles can often produce severe physical consequences for the motorcycle driver. While many enjoy the sense of freedom gained by driving a motorcycle, these vehicles also offer far less protection than that of a regular passenger automobile. This lack of protection could turn what might have been a mild or moderate incident into a fatal accident for Connecticut motorcyclists.

A passenger in a one-car accident in Connecticut has died

Having to bury a child is one of the many great fears that many parents have. The loss of a child, regardless of their age, can be devastating to families, particularly if the cause of death was highly preventable. A family in Connecticut is grieving the loss of their son after he was killed as a passenger in a one-car accident.

Pedestrian accident in Connecticut could equal higher fines

With pedestrian accidents seemingly on the rise in Connecticut, local activists have been requesting changes to state laws regarding the punishment drivers receive for their involvement. A bill was recently passed that would increase the fines these drivers are ordered to pay if they severely injure or cause the death of an individual in a pedestrian accident. This bill has been a long time coming for activists, who feel the safety of pedestrians hasn't been taken seriously in the past.

Head-on collision in Connecticut sends two men to the hospital

There are times when the severity of injuries suffered in an accident aren't always immediately apparent. A recent head-on collision in Connecticut is responsible for sending two men to the hospital. While the victim of this crash was discharged from the hospital later that same day, it is possible that the injuries he suffered may warrant further medical treatments as time goes on.

Connecticut trooper suffers serious injury in car accident

It is safe to say that members of local law enforcement teams have dangerous jobs; they never know what they will encounter during the course of their work shifts. Connecticut State Troopers, who deal with incidents on the freeway, are often put in life-threatening situations when they are forced to leave their vehicle to address issues with motorists. With limited space between them and other traffic traveling at high rates of speed, there is practically no protection should something go wrong. Unfortunately, one of Connecticut's finest suffered serious injury while on the job, at the hands of an impaired driver.

Elderly woman in Connecticut killed in pedestrian accident

An accident in Connecticut is responsible for the loss of an elderly woman's life. The victim was apparently struck by a mini-van while she was crossing the street earlier this month. The driver believed to be responsible for this pedestrian accident reportedly failed to remain at the scene of the crash. Thankfully, witnesses to the incident were able to provide police with detailed information of the vehicle, which led to the driver's arrest.