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A passenger in a one-car accident in Connecticut has died

On Behalf of | May 15, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Having to bury a child is one of the many great fears that many parents have. The loss of a child, regardless of their age, can be devastating to families, particularly if the cause of death was highly preventable. A family in Connecticut is grieving the loss of their son after he was killed as a passenger in a one-car accident.

The accident occurred earlier this month in Bolton. According to local reports, three young men were involved in this crash; two were injured and the third was fatally wounded after their car went off the road and then struck a tree. The two survivors, ages 16 and 20, were taken to Hartford Hospital for treatment. The deceased passenger was an 18-year-old high school student.

At this time, police have not released a statement regarding the cause of the crash. This incident is still under investigation. It is unknown if the driver will face any charges in relation to this sad turn of events.

Undoubtedly, this event has caused an enormous sense of loss to not only the deceased victim’s family, but to everyone involved. While the cause of this crash is still to be determined, if the driver is found to have been negligent leading up to the crash and ultimately causing the death of a passenger in a one-car accident, a wrongful death claim may be filed on behalf of the deceased. This claim can be filed against not only the driver, but the owner of the vehicle as well — if different. A Connecticut court could grant pecuniary damages to be paid to the deceased victim’s family, to provide some financial relief for the monetary losses encountered as a result of the crash, such as the unexpected funeral expenses.

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