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September 2013 Archives

Connecticut woman hospitalized after pedestrian accident

Most individuals are taught the importance of staying focused while operating a vehicle at a young age. Careless and distracted drivers can create danger to anyone in their vicinity. Unfortunately, there are numerous car accidents involving pedestrians on Connecticut highways. Serious injuries including head trauma and broken bones can be the result of a pedestrian accident. Drivers should always be vigilant of individuals in roadways near crosswalks, shopping centers and any other areas that could potentially be heavily congested with pedestrian traffic.

Connecticut car accidents: 4 teens suffer serious injuries

Many individuals claim that their teenage years were the most exciting times in their lives. It can be time period when some people will experience their first sense of independence. Connecticut parents could be a little apprehensive about when to first allow their children the opportunity and responsibility of driving a vehicle. Unfortunately, there are some car accidents on our roadways that involve multiple teenage victims.

Connecticut truck accident results in serious injuries

Connecticut residents that routinely drive above the speed limit could be endangering their own lives and the lives of others within their vicinity. Speeding truck drivers can create a high level of danger, since it can be difficult and sometimes impossible for their vehicles to make a quick maneuver to avoid dangerous situations. Unfortunately, serious injuries such as broken bones and head trauma can be the result of a truck accident.

Fatal pedestrian accident involving a Connecticut senior citizen

When a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle experiences serious physical injuries, they can oftentimes feel emotional devastation facing the outcome of their medical situation. Injuries that result in fatality due to their severity can have the same overwhelming devastation on the family members who have lost a loved one. Recently a fatal pedestrian accident involving a Connecticut senior citizen claimed his life near a local hospital.

Head-on collision injures 5 people in Connecticut

Just outside of New Haven lie a number of beautiful rural roads that harbor two lane highways with high speed occupants. Amid this scenic beauty, however, serious car accidents can occur, and with them bring devastating injuries for those involved. Recently, just northwest of the city, a head-on collision injured 5 people in Connecticut on a sunny afternoon. One of the injured children has tragically died.

Wrongful death claim may result from head-on collision

Wrongful death may be found in the investigation of a recent head-on collision. The Hamden, Connecticut community is mourning the loss of another teenager in the head-on collision. The high school football player died from the injuries he suffered in the accident. The 15-year old was a passenger in the vehicle, which was driven by his uncle. If investigators determine that one of the two drivers was negligent, wrongful death may be an appropriate finding.

Connecticut drunk driver hits police car

Property damage and personal injuries have once again been caused by a Connecticut drunk driver. The under-age drinker was stopped at a DUI checkpoint during the holiday weekend when the accident occurred. This recent incident emphasizes the dangers of driving under the influence. Unfortunately, holiday celebrations can become tragic when a drunk driver chooses to operate a motor vehicle instead of using a designated driver.

Connecticut wrongful death: Officer leaves injured man to die

An internal investigation has been initiated against a police officer that a witness says drove away from the scene of an accident. Additionally, the Connecticut State Police are said to be conducting the investigation regarding the officer's behavior and are also investigating the crash itself. The family of the deceased may be preparing to file a wrongful death claim as a result of this officer's alleged conduct.

Back-to-school time: Avoid an auto-pedestrian accident

It's an exciting time, when students head back to school. One unfortunate mishap that often coincides the start of the school year is the auto-pedestrian accident including New Haven County. Drivers may be unaccustomed to the increased traffic in zones that have been inactive all summer, and students may be unfamiliar with a new campus or neighborhood. Even the most brief of distractions can have devastating effects. A car can go from transportation tool to mechanism of injury should a driver or pedestrian lose focus on their surroundings.