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Fatal pedestrian accident involving a Connecticut senior citizen

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents, Firm News

When a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle experiences serious physical injuries, they can oftentimes feel emotional devastation facing the outcome of their medical situation. Injuries that result in fatality due to their severity can have the same overwhelming devastation on the family members who have lost a loved one. Recently a fatal pedestrian accident involving a Connecticut senior citizen claimed his life near a local hospital.

Officials have released very few details outlining the pedestrian accident that killed the Connecticut senior. Purportedly, the man was struck by a vehicle while he was in the road between two adjacent parking lots near a hospital. The facility is reserved for veterans, though reports have not said if the man was a veteran, visiting someone or trying to reach a car parked in either of the lots. Depending on his possibility of being veteran or a regular senior citizen, surviving family may have access to specific insurance benefits.

The man driving the vehicle remained on the scene for help to arrive after purportedly fatally injuring the pedestrian with his car. Officials have not released the exact location, direct cause or events leading up to the accident. Some pedestrians are hit while walking on the road, some by vehicles that have failed to yield, although it is not yet clear which might prove to be the case in this situation. Liability may be decided once the investigation is completed.

After police have completed their reports, a judge or jury in a civil trial may be able to decide who is accountable for the fatal pedestrian accident involving this Connecticut senior citizen. Family members of the man who lost his life could potentially seek additional resources to help cover funerary costs or any other expenses that may have resulted from the accident. The level of negligence attributed to the driver in causing or contributing to the accident could be a factor in deciding the amount of insurance benefits or restitution to which the family may be entitled.

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