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Head-on collision injures 5 people in Connecticut

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Just outside of New Haven lie a number of beautiful rural roads that harbor two lane highways with high speed occupants. Amid this scenic beauty, however, serious car accidents can occur, and with them bring devastating injuries for those involved. Recently, just northwest of the city, a head-on collision injured 5 people in Connecticut on a sunny afternoon. One of the injured children has tragically died.

The head-on collision occurred when the male driver of a vehicle allegedly crossed into oncoming traffic, crashing with another vehicle. Both he and his female passenger were injured, though their injuries were not considered serious. His passenger injured wounds to her arm while the driver was wounded on his neck. Police have not assigned liability, though the passenger may seek compensation for medical costs or any disabilities she may possibly experience in the future.

The woman driving the other car had deep cuts on both of her legs and her young passengers, a 3-year-old little girl and an infant boy, were both taken to local hospitals. The little girl was then taken to a children’s hospital for additional treatment, where she sadly died. Specifics on if or how the infant incurred wounds has not been released.

Police requested an accident reconstruction team to asses the scene of the head-on-collision to piece together what may have taken place. As the investigation is completed, the source of liability will be disclosed, allowing the victims of the accident to recognize what their immediate and future needs may be. When a head-on collision injures people in Connecticut, doing this may be paramount if victims plan to seek restitution from the culpable party or an insurance company.

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