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Connecticut wrongful death: Officer leaves injured man to die

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents, Firm News

An internal investigation has been initiated against a police officer that a witness says drove away from the scene of an accident. Additionally, the Connecticut State Police are said to be conducting the investigation regarding the officer’s behavior and are also investigating the crash itself. The family of the deceased may be preparing to file a wrongful death claim as a result of this officer’s alleged conduct.

The officer had been chasing the motorcycle rider for “motor vehicle violations” that were not specified. At some point during the pursuit, the 27-year-old motorcycle rider crashed. A witness report indicates that the officer drove up to the scene, looked out his window and then drove away without assisting the fallen rider.

The rider was taken to an area hospital, but died within hours of the accident. It may never be known whether he would have lived if the officer had gotten out of his vehicle and rendered aid. The man’s family is understandably angry and is looking at filing a civil action against the police officer and the department. It is not known if the police officer has been placed on some sort of leave or is on suspension pending the outcome of the investigations into this unconscionable situation.

Depending on the results of the Connecticut State Police investigation, the officer may be looking at more than just civil action. Criminal charges could be filed against the officer. If the family decides to file a wrongful death claim, the results of that investigation may prove useful. In order to be successful in civil court, the family will have to prove that the officer was negligent and that the officer’s negligent actions either caused or contributed to the death of their loved one.

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