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December 2013 Archives

Car accident results in serious injury for 3 women

Connecticut roadways are some of the busiest in the nation. It is a commuter state, after all, with many residents often heading south to New York and many others heading north to Massachusetts. Early morning and late evening commuters mean that the roadways are almost always busy. It also means that there is a great propensity for accidents to occur and for motorists to face recovery from a serious injury.

Teenage drinking and driving may lead to wrongful death case

In Connecticut, as in all states, drunk driving poses a potentially huge risk to other drivers on the road. It has been argued that instances of teenage drunk driving have been increasing each year. Teenagers by default have less experience driving and therefore are already at a disadvantage when it comes to reacting to certain situations on the road. Add alcohol to the mix and some would argue that the combination could be lethal. One man who stands accused of providing alcohol to underage teens may now also be facing a wrongful death suit from the victim's family.

Rear-ender sends driver to the emergency room

It goes without saying that most people will admit to being overly aggressive behind the wheel from time to time. Sometimes leaving late causes residents to rush. Sometimes they just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and take everything personally while they're driving. Other times, residents are just not aware of what they are doing, or they are reckless in their behavior. It's times like those when the possibility is quite high that a rear-ender can take place.

Car crash injures 2, 1 with serious injury

It goes without saying that most people take transportation for granted since it is a regular part of their lives. Each day, most Connecticut residents wake up, get ready, get into their car, make their way to work and punch the clock. After work, they hop back into their car and run errands on their way home. Most of the time, residents do not even consider the fact that they risk serious injury each and every day, from the minute they leave their driveway until they return.

Man allegedly under the influence injures 3 in accident

In Connecticut, as in most states, drunk driving poses a potential risk to other drivers on the road. Driving under the influence can lessen a driver's ability to respond to changes in road conditions and it can also impair a driver's judgment. One man reportedly discovered this when he caused a two-car accident that injured three people.

Death, multiple charges for teens driving under the influence

While there is no argument that drunk driving claims far too many lives each year, the most tragic accidents involve young lives -- lives that have yet to really begin. One recent Connecticut accident claimed one teenage girl's life and changed three other teenagers' lives forever. The three teenagers were arrested for allowing the teenage girl to drive under the influence recently.

Connecticut man on a bike hit in a pedestrian accident

Authorities often argue that pedestrians are truly vulnerable when walking or biking on the street. After all, the vehicles they encounter are so much larger and are made of metal, capable of inflicting a great deal of bodily harm. One Connecticut man recently discovered this in a pedestrian accident.

Connecticut man killed in hit-and-run pedestrian accident

When a pedestrian hit by a car experiences fatal injuries, his surviving family members can oftentimes face financial burden along with emotional devastation after the accident. Overcoming the combination of the two can seem insurmountable, especially since there may be a feeling that negligent actions brought about the tragedy. Recently a Connecticut man was killed in a hit-and-run pedestrian accident.

Connecticut truck accident causes early morning five-car pileup

Connecticut residents are all too familiar with one constant in their daily lives: the traffic that permeates I-95. Running down the entire eastern seaboard, it is the main thoroughfare for transporting goods from state to state. The ever-present tractor trailer on the interstate increases the possibility that, on any given day, a truck accident may occur. Frequently, when a truck encounters smaller motor vehicle, serious injuries may result.

Delayed case of driver who killed passenger in a one-car accident

Losing a loved one is a tragedy that no family wants to endure. It is even more difficult when parents lose a child far too young. To lose a child due to reckless behavior of another makes the loss that much more devastating. One family in Connecticut is still recovering after losing their son, who was a passenger in a one-car accident.