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Connecticut truck accident causes early morning five-car pileup

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Connecticut residents are all too familiar with one constant in their daily lives: the traffic that permeates I-95. Running down the entire eastern seaboard, it is the main thoroughfare for transporting goods from state to state. The ever-present tractor trailer on the interstate increases the possibility that, on any given day, a truck accident may occur. Frequently, when a truck encounters smaller motor vehicle, serious injuries may result.

A recent crash during the early morning hours resulted in ten people people being sent to a local hospital for treatment. Fortunately, none of those injuries were reported to be life-threatening. Another nine people who were injured declined any medical treatment. A total of five cars were involved in the accident with the tractor trailer.

According to reports, the truck had jack-knifed for unknown reasons. As a result, it was apparently blocking two of the three lanes in that particular section of I-95. The five vehicles were reportedly scattered in various locations around the disabled truck when authorities arrived, including under the truck itself and on top of the guard rail. All five vehicles sustained at least moderate damage due to the collision.

Even though police had not yet determined whether speed or some other negligent action may have contributed to the truck accident, the investigation was ongoing at last report. Even if Connecticut State Police are unable to determine that negligent or reckless actions led to the accident, personal injury claims may be the filed in a civil court by the multiple victims who suffered pain and suffering. In addition, successful cases may award damages for medical bills, any incurred rehabilitation costs and lost wages that were also suffered.

Source: The Westport Daily Voice, 10 Injured In Early Morning Tractor-Trailer Crash In Westport, Vanessa Inzitari, Nov. 27, 2013


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