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Man allegedly under the influence injures 3 in accident

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

In Connecticut, as in most states, drunk driving poses a potential risk to other drivers on the road. Driving under the influence can lessen a driver’s ability to respond to changes in road conditions and it can also impair a driver’s judgment. One man reportedly discovered this when he caused a two-car accident that injured three people.

The man and his passenger were traveling east on Route 6 in his Honda Civic when he purportedly attempted to make a left-hand turn to head northbound. Reports indicate that the driver struck a Cadillac that was traveling southbound. The man apparently didn’t see the Cadillac coming or could not respond in time to avoid the collision.

The driver of the Honda Civic was not injured. His passenger, however, allegedly suffered a head injury and was transported to a local hospital for treatment. Both occupants of the Cadillac were reportedly injured. The driver suffered a leg injury, though he turned down treatment in the immediate aftermath of the accident. According to reports, however, his 78-year-old female passenger sustained both chest and head injuries, and was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

The driver of the Honda Civic was charged with making an illegal left turn, driving without a license and drunk driving. It was not immediately clear why authorities suspected that alcohol played a part in the accident. It was also not reported if and when a field sobriety test was administered, or what the results were. Authorities indicated that the investigation was ongoing, and reached out to the public for any witnesses to come forward with information if they witnessed the accident.

All victims who are hurt by those who drive under the influence deserve compensation. Understanding how Connecticut law protects victims in these kinds of accidents will help them know their rights if they are hurt by the negligence of others. Filing a personal injury claim can help victims recoup restitution for their pain and suffering, medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages.

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