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Death, multiple charges for teens driving under the influence

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

While there is no argument that drunk driving claims far too many lives each year, the most tragic accidents involve young lives — lives that have yet to really begin. One recent Connecticut accident claimed one teenage girl’s life and changed three other teenagers’ lives forever. The three teenagers were arrested for allowing the teenage girl to drive under the influence recently.

According to reports, a total of five teenagers were originally in an SUV owned by the parents of one of the teenagers. Apparently, one boy who had been driving dropped a friend off at his house and then drove to his own house, where he left the group. Another boy then drove to his house, where he and the last boy left the car.

The girl was then left alone in the SUV and struck a tree just a short distance away from where the last two passengers were dropped off. According to reports, the last two boys in the car with her knew that she was too intoxicated to drive. In fact, her toxicology report during her autopsy showed that her blood alcohol content was 0.27, or 13 times the legal intoxication limit for a driver her age in Connecticut.

The first driver faces multiple charges. The second driver faces multiple charges as well, including reckless endangerment. A third teen was also charged with reckless endangerment. A fourth teen, the one who allegedly threw the party and provided alcohol to the minors, is apparently facing charges as well.

This tragedy that was brought about by teenagers driving under the influence is one that has rocked the entire community as so many families have been affected. The family that is facing the most difficult healing process is the family that lost their teenage daughter . Understanding how the law protects their rights and how the law can help them recover damages from negligent parties may ease some of the financial burden and help them achieve closure.

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