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Car accident results in serious injury for 3 women

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Connecticut roadways are some of the busiest in the nation. It is a commuter state, after all, with many residents often heading south to New York and many others heading north to Massachusetts. Early morning and late evening commuters mean that the roadways are almost always busy. It also means that there is a great propensity for accidents to occur and for motorists to face recovery from a serious injury.

A recent accident on Route 185 left three people injured. A 49-year-old woman was driving eastbound when she apparently slid into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle. Due to the impact, the woman was ejected through the rear passenger window. It was not immediately clear if she was wearing a seatbelt. The woman had brain bleeding and a spinal injury, and at last check was in critical condition.

The three occupants of the car that was struck were all injured as well. The driver sustained minor injuries and was not sent to the hospital for treatment. The two passengers, however, suffered serious injuries, although they were listed as non-life-threatening. One of the passengers has since been released from the hospital, while the other was still recuperating from fractured ribs at last report.

The accident is still being investigated, though authorities have reported that speed could have been a contributing factor. As with any victim in Connecticut who suffers a serious injury, if it is determined that the negligent actions of another party brought about that injury, the victim may have the right to seek compensation. Compensation may be awarded for their medical bills, any rehabilitation costs and their pain and suffering.

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