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February 2014 Archives

Drunk driver causes the death of a man in Connecticut

Although the use of alcohol will probably always be a part of society, the relentless effort by Connecticut authorities to keep alcohol away from driving has little effect. Daily reports about deaths and injuries caused by drunk driving accidents leaves one thinking that these efforts are in vain. One wishes that every drunk driver would pause to consider the consequences before he or she gets behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Fatal Connecticut car accident possibly caused by drunk driver

Here in Connecticut, car accidents are not an unusual occurrence, unfortunately. Some of these accidents may not be preventable, but officials argue that many of them can be avoided if motorists make the right choices behind the wheel. One of the most senseless causes of a car accident is a drunk driver, and these types of accidents should never happen. One Connecticut driver stands accused of causing a recent fatal car crash, and authorities say that the collision may have been the result of impaired driving.

Man suffers multiple fractures in Connecticut pedestrian accident

When pedestrians walk along busy roadways in Connecticut, they may be putting their lives on the line. Serious pedestrian accidents have been known to occur at almost anytime. Because pedestrians have no protection, resulting injuries can be serious and even fatal. Sadly, in some instances, the driver just continues on without stopping after knocking down somebody in a pedestrian accident.

1 dead in fatal accident -- Connecticut authorities investigating

Deadly car accidents are always destructive, not just to those who are directly involved, but to family and friends who are left behind to grieve. Sadly, there was another fatal accident in Connecticut recently that took the life of a young man. He was a passenger in a car that smashed into a tree in a South Windsor neighborhood. Authorities have yet to determine what may have caused the crash.

Man dies in 1 of Connecticut's hit and run accidents

Remembering road safety is understandably important for motorists. However, these laws and guidelines are also essential for bicyclists and pedestrians. Without the protection that a vehicle provides, people sharing the road when walking or biking are far more susceptible to severe injuries in collisions. Hit and run accidents too often result in devastating injuries or even death, as evidenced by a wreck in Connecticut.

Pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle in Manchester Connecticut

Snow- and ice-packed roadways are nothing out of the ordinary during the winter months in Connecticut; it is just another obstacle for users to be aware of and navigate through. When driving in winter weather, snow and ice often crowd the shoulders of the roads and can cause pedestrians to walk closer to the roadways due to inaccessible sidewalks. Recently, a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle brings to light the devastating effects of cluttered walkways and the parties responsible for ensuring clear passage along city and residential sidewalks.

Fatal accident in Connecticut claims 3 lives

Crash! The sudden collision of metal on metal, tires screeching and then everything stops. A motor vehicle collision can do extreme emotional, mental and physical damage. A fatal accident does not simply leave a destroyed vehicle behind; it also leaves loved ones grieving. Multiple Connecticut families have recently experienced the heartbreak that comes with an automobile accident.

Loved Connecticut couple die in three-car fatal accident

A car accident can forever alter the lives of those involved. In the case of a fatal accident, the lives of loved ones are suddenly and drastically shaken. The abruptness in which a once full and joyful life can be taken away is shocking. A recent motor vehicle collision in Connecticut has not solely affected the victims' close family, but has left an entire community grieving.

Victim of crash in Connecticut may seek financial compensation

Car accidents caused by the actions of someone who decided to drink and drive are truly unfortunate and senseless tragedies. Sadly, accidents caused by drunk drivers occur all too often, and these accidents tend to result in serious injury or death to the victims involved. Connecticut residents who have been hit and injured by a drunk driver may be able to seek financial compensation for the injuries suffered and for any other financial losses they have incurred as a result.