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November 2017 Archives

3-year-old boy becomes Connecticut pedestrian accident victim

A police pursuit gone wrong resulted in the death of a young child on Tuesday, Nov. 21. Four other people were injured in addition to the young pedestrian accident victim. A local news outlet reported the story of the accident in Connecticut and gives details of the developing story. 

Connecticut woman charged re fatal auto accident

Keep eyes on the road. This simple plea can help to save lives, and distracted driving may have been a factor in a recent accident in Connecticut. The driver who struck another car went to court in November to deal with the fallout of the fatal auto accident. Her fate remains uncertain, and she is facing serious charges as a result of the incident. 

Connecticut man killed in trailer truck accident

It was a tragic morning in Connecticut recently due to a crash on the roadway. One man was killed in an early-morning trailer truck accident in Greenwich. Several other crashes were reported in the area during morning traffic, leading to reports of delays and injuries.