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October 2015 Archives

Serious accident leaves one dead and another injured

A fatal car accident in Connecticut has left one woman dead and a man injured. The car left the roadway and rolled several times before coming to a stop on its side. The man was the driver of the vehicle and was flown via helicopter to a state hospital. The woman, who was the passenger, died at the scene. Both occupants of the vehicle are believed to be in their 30s.

Failure to observe traffic laws could bar recovery by pedestrian

Obeying the traffic laws is something usually associated with drivers of motor vehicles, but a distracted driver or a driver who might run a stop sign may pose a danger to other motorists and pedestrians. Distracted pedestrians, or those disobeying the traffic laws by failing to use a designated crosswalk, may also pose a danger to themselves and to drivers who try to avoid hitting them.

One dead, 18 injured after bus hits tractor trailer

A 32-year-old driver of a bus has died from injuries sustained in a serious accident that involved a tractor trailer. The bus was carrying 41 passengers total, and 19 were sent to local area hospitals. All suffered non-life threatening injuries. The bus driver was conscious at the scene, but later died at a local hospital from his injuries. The other driver, piloting the tractor trailer, did not have any injuries that he received treatment for.

You could face fines for careless driving

Careless driving leads to hundreds of injuries and multiple deaths each year in the state of Connecticut. Pedestrians and cyclists are constantly at the mercy of mindful drivers, knowing that just one mishap could have disastrous consequences. To encourage drivers to pay attention and remain responsible, the state has a newer law that establishes fines for drivers who cause injury to another person due to careless driving.

Study: drugged driving as deadly as drunk driving

Multiple studies have compared the effects of driving under the influence of alcohol with driving the influence of marijuana. The upshot of these studies has been that alcohol has a more negative effect on driving behavior than marijuana when the two are considered separately, but that when they are combined marijuana has the effect of worsening the effects of alcohol.

Can I sue for injuries in connection with a defective road?

Injuries and property damage that you may sustain in connection with a car accident do not always have to be the result of the wrongful behavior of another driver. In some instances, the defective design, or inadequate maintenance of a road or bridge may be the culprit – and depending upon the circumstances, you may be able to recover damages accordingly from a personal injury lawsuit.

Connecticut’s drunk driving laws

Despite increased efforts across the nation to curb the problem, driving under the influence continues to be a major problem on the roadways. Serious injuries and even death occur every year across the New Haven area due to an intoxicated driver causing a drunk driving accident. Here is a brief overview of the DUI laws in Connecticut.

Hartford hit-and-run accident kills woman

While typical car accidents can leave drivers battered and bruised, pedestrian accidents almost always result in serious injury. This sort of accident shook a Connecticut neighborhood recently. A 60-year-old woman was struck and killed in a hit and run accident on Sunday morning. Police are still trying to find the driver responsible. These types of accidents are all too common in Connecticut and across the nation, and they can be confusing and terrifying for those left behind.