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November 2013 Archives

Passenger in a one-car accident injured in Connecticut

Unfortunately car accidents occur daily. When a negligent party is to blame, they could be forced to provide monetary compensation to the injured party. Recently, a passenger in a one-car accident in Connecticut was injured after the vehicle crossed a double yellow line.

Cell phone causes serious injury in a one-car accident?

As drivers everywhere know all-too-well, the tiniest distraction can result in catastrophe. While iPod, smart phone and GPS technology all provide high levels of convenience and communication in the car, they also contribute to drivers not paying one hundred percent attention to the road in front of them. One Connecticut resident recently discovered that cell phones present one of the greatest distractions in vehicles yet, having the capacity for causing serious injury.

Man accused of driving under the influence facing new charges

Many residents of Connecticut have likely been following the developments in a recent accident that claimed two young lives. Arrested for causing the accident is a foreign citizen who stands accused of driving under the influence. According to the authorities' investigation, the man slammed into the back of a vehicle that was stopped at a red traffic signal, killing an 8-year-old child and a 5-year-old child, while injuring their parents and their older sibling who were also in the vehicle.

Connecticut car accidents: bus and police car crash injures 12

Many Connecticut residents rely on public buses to get around in their day-to-day lives. Doing so means putting one's safety into the bus driver's hands. With that can come a feeling of helplessness when one sees car accidents unfolding and is unable to take action to prevent it. Passengers must rely on the bus drivers to be alert and responsive to road conditions.

Estate of man killed in accident may have wrongful death case

There are some stretches of road in Connecticut that seem to amass more accidents than others. The state has made an effort to enforce laws that protect pedestrians and drivers alike from negligent and distracted drivers. However, there is only so much that can be done to prevent tragic car accidents like the one that occurred recently in East Windsor. The facts are only sparsely reported, but generally a wrongful death case can be filed if authorities determine that negligence place a factor in the accident.

2 killed, 3 injured by possible drunk driver in Connecticut

In the early morning hours of Nov. 3, a tragic accident tore a Connecticut family apart. The family was hungry and went out grocery shopping. They were close to their home when an apparently drunk driver slammed into the back of the family's car at a red traffic light. As a result of the impact, two young children were killed. Their parents and another sibling in the car suffered serious injuries.

Connecticut hit and run accidents: Were speeding drivers racing?

Vehicle accidents can have the potential to cause devastating results. Two people are in the hospital following a recent crash in Connecticut. There is an ongoing investigation, as one of the two cars involved fled the scene. Even though the cause of this particular accident hasn't been determined, the victims of hit and run accidents may benefit from a diligent review of the facts and circumstances in conjunction with Connecticut state laws.

Passenger in a one-car accident dies, Connecticut driver charged

Losing friends or family members is understandably a difficult situation to deal with. The situation can be even more difficult to handle when the death comes by an intoxicated person's decision to drive. Intoxication can seriously impair driving abilities which can lead to serious injury and death if an accident occurs. Recently in Connecticut, a passenger in a one-car accident was killed in an apparent drunk driving accident.

Drunk Driver faces the wrath of the Connecticut law.

Police agencies around the state have launched numerous enforcement programs that nab drunk drivers. However, a large percentage of all traffic deaths in the state of Connecticut are still due to alcohol. Unfortunately there is always another drunk driver.