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Passenger in a one-car accident dies, Connecticut driver charged

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2013 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Losing friends or family members is understandably a difficult situation to deal with. The situation can be even more difficult to handle when the death comes by an intoxicated person’s decision to drive. Intoxication can seriously impair driving abilities which can lead to serious injury and death if an accident occurs. Recently in Connecticut, a passenger in a one-car accident was killed in an apparent drunk driving accident.

The accident allegedly occurred when the driver of a vehicle carrying himself and one other male passenger hit a curb while traveling at high speeds. The vehicle apparently left the road after losing a tire and then hit a tree. After hitting the tree, the vehicle finally stopped back in the road. The 25-year-old passenger was sadly killed during the accident. The driver was taken to a local hospital with injuries but was later released.

The driver of the vehicle was allegedly intoxicated and was charged with both vehicular manslaughter and diving while intoxicated. Reports indicate that both alcohol and speed were key factors in the accident. The driver was also charged with driving a vehicle with unsafe tires when one of the tires was later found in some nearby woods.

Unfortunately, the family of the young victim will not get to see him again. The death of a passenger in a one-car accident in Connecticut can be held against the driver that caused the accident, so the family of the victim may choose to file a wrongful death claim to help compensate for funeral expenses. Paying for a funeral is likely something they may not have expected to do any time soon for such a young loved one.

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