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March 2013 Archives

Wintry weather in Northeast causes car accident

There is not a Connecticut resident around that is not wishing and hoping for a real spring to arrive, any day now. After a long, cold winter there is nothing more rewarding than some sunshine and warm temperatures. Unfortunately, March did not bring as much warmth as most hoped. Instead, Connecticut citizens got heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. To top it all off, the untimely wintry weather has caused a number of car collisions in the area.

Bus accident involving 34 lacrosse players results in injury

Any accident can be a terrifying experience. When two vehicles collide while traveling at a fast speed, the impact is no doubt hard felt. Bus accidents are particularly dangerous events as they involve large vehicles that can do more damage. Tragically, a recent bus collision near Connecticut ended with one fatality and another in critical condition.

Man involved in potential drunk driving accident surrenders

A drunk driving car accident is no doubt a tragic occurrence. Connecticut residents are likely to know about the recent crash involving two young parents and their unborn child. The truly catastrophic incident, which left both parents and their unborn child dead, haunts the country as details of potential drunk driving accident slowly unfold.

Car accident sends UConn football player to hospital

An auto accident is a feared event, to state the obvious. One negligent decision can result in serious injuries and substantial medical expenses for those involved. This is why it is crucial that drivers follow the rules of the road at all times. A distracted driver is the most dangerous aspect to a commute. Unfortunately, a recent car accident that involved a University of Connecticut football player caused serious injuries to the much valued running back.

Drunk driving accident pushes one driver off the road

The most troubling type of car crash is often the kind that was particularly avoidable. An example of such an unnecessary event might involve drinking and driving. When an individual gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking, their ability is impaired significantly. Such a decision too often results in a drunk driving accident that potentially injures many others.