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Man involved in potential drunk driving accident surrenders

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2013 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

A drunk driving car accident is no doubt a tragic occurrence. Connecticut residents are likely to know about the recent crash involving two young parents and their unborn child. The truly catastrophic incident, which left both parents and their unborn child dead, haunts the country as details of potential drunk driving accident slowly unfold.

Early Sunday morning, the couple left their home to go to a nearby hospital, because the pregnant woman was not feeling well. As the couple traveled to the hospital in a cab, they were broadsided by another vehicle, traveling around 60 m.p.h. at the time. The woman was thrown from the cab. The husband and wife died from injuries sustained. Their unborn child survived the crash, only to pass away on Monday, March 4th. The driver of the speeding vehicle left the scene of the accident. Authorities have pursued him since that time.

His identity is now known and he recently informed a news source that he planned to turn himself in, an act he completed on Wednesday, March 6th. He has a deep history of crime, having been charged with driving under the influence only a month prior when he was pulled over for erratic driving. His breathalyzer results were 1.3, over the New York .08 legal limit. He also spent some time in prison for manslaughter charges, after being convicted of shooting a man.

He claims that on the night of the incident, he was running for his life, being chased by an armed shooter. He further states he fled the scene of the accident because he was in fear for his life. Authorities do suspect alcohol to be involved in the crash, but proving the man was intoxicated will be difficult given no breathalyzer test was completed at the time.

Whatever the reason for his behavior, he should be held accountable in a court of law. The family of the lost three may be entitled to bring a civil suit in court to recover monetary compensation for their loss.

Source: CT Post, “Suspect in violent NYC crash ready to surrender,” Colleen Long, March 5, 2013.


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