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Bus accident involving 34 lacrosse players results in injury

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2013 | Bus Accidents, Firm News

Any accident can be a terrifying experience. When two vehicles collide while traveling at a fast speed, the impact is no doubt hard felt. Bus accidents are particularly dangerous events as they involve large vehicles that can do more damage. Tragically, a recent bus collision near Connecticut ended with one fatality and another in critical condition.

On Tuesday, March 12, a bus carrying 34 members of a lacrosse team traveled along an east coast highway. The roads were wet and potentially slippery as the team traversed to a game in New York. The crash occurred at approximately noon when a vehicle spun out of control. The sports car hit the bus, ultimately landing in a ditch. The bus toppled on its side as a result of the impact. The 64-year old passenger in the sports vehicle passed away from injuries related to the crash. The 65-year-old driver is currently in critical condition.

No lacrosse players, nor the driver of the bus, were seriously injured in the crash. According to a witness driving in front of the bus at the time, the sports vehicle was sluing across all three lanes of traffic shortly before impact. If negligence is determined to be a factor in the tragic incident, all negligent parties could be held accountable for their behavior.

It is never an easy decision to decide to bring a civil suit against anyone. Yet, when an incident involves injuries and negligence, it is important to hold the responsible parties accountable. A civil suit provides fair monetary compensation to the victims, provides some form of retribution and further acts as a deterrent to future negligent behavior.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Bus carrying VT lacrosse team crashes in NY,” Chris Carola, March 12, 2013.


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