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June 2015 Archives

Car crash shows how personal injury can lead to wrongful death

A recent two-car accident on Connecticut Route 20 that initially caused five injuries has led to its first death, that of a six-year-old girl who was a passenger in one of the vehicles, nearly a week after the event. The incident offers a glimpse into some of the considerations that must go into making any decision whether to pursue personal injury or wrongful death claims in connection with any car or truck collision.

Truck accident cases require the best use of your resources

Being in a collision with a commercial truck brings to mind many negative images, such as what can happen when you come into contact with something much bigger and heavier than you are. If you incur damages not only to your vehicle but to your person in the form of injuries, the "size does matter" consideration can extend beyond the accident itself to its aftermath.

What damages are recoverable in a fatal motor vehicle accident?

It is one thing to understand that if you have lost a loved one in an automobile accident that you may have recourse to the law to seek recompense for the costs connected with the untimely death of that person. But aside from theory, what exactly are you entitled to seek when negotiating with an insurance company or seeking resolution through court?

What happens if I am in an accident with a state vehicle?

The state of Connecticut owns a fleet of motor vehicles for the official use if its employees in the performance of their employment. If you are involved in a car accident with one of these vehicles, and the driver of the state-owned vehicle is at least partially at fault, what effect does government ownership of the other vehicle have on your legal right to file a lawsuit for money damages?

What damages are available from a fatal car accident?

The worst part of a fatal motor vehicle accident is without doubt the emotional trauma that immediately for the survivors of the deceased following the event. With the passage of time the shock subsides, and at some point those who have lost a loved one because of the negligent or reckless behavior of another driver must come to grips with how they will make do in the future without the economic and personal contributions of that person.

Can a bar be liable to the victim of a drunk driving accident?

The victim of a drunk driving accident may be entitled to do more than seek compensation for the negligence of the drunk driver. A bar, restaurant or other commercial establishment that sells or serves alcoholic beverages to a person who is intoxicated could be liable if the person has a car accident and causes serious injuries to someone.

Driver seriously injured after colliding with dump truck

On the morning of May 30, 2015, a driver was seriously injured after colliding head-on with a dump truck in Brooklyn, Connecticut. According to the police, the driver was driving a Ford on Route 6 by Laurel Hill Road when he or she swerved into the path of the dump truck.