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Truck accident cases require the best use of your resources

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Firm News, Truck Accidents

Being in a collision with a commercial truck brings to mind many negative images, such as what can happen when you come into contact with something much bigger and heavier than you are. If you incur damages not only to your vehicle but to your person in the form of injuries, the “size does matter” consideration can extend beyond the accident itself to its aftermath.

To begin with, when trying to determine who was responsible for what happened, you may quickly feel like you are doing battle with an Octopus. Was it the driver of the truck? Was it someone responsible for faulty maintenance? If the driver was not properly trained, or was fatigued from operating too many hours, is the truck company that he or she worked for to blame for that? How can you find out who to focus on when it comes to compensation claims? 

And while the good news is that between the truck company and its insurer there is a better chance of funds being available to pay for your property loss and medical expenses, those same “deep pockets” can also pay for some heavy legal firepower in the form of insurance defense attorneys. How are you supposed to compete with the superior financial resources that these people can array against you?

The answer to these questions is that you need an advocate. Someone who has the experience with and knowledge of how personal injury claims in connection with truck accidents work. Someone who is not intimidated by insurers and their attorneys. Someone who knows all the the ways to gather the important evidence to support your case, from accident scene investigation, to accident reconstruction to legal discovery.

We at Jacobs & Dow, LLC are just such an advocate for individuals like you. We know how to identify the proper parties to negotiate a settlement with or to take legal action against if necessary. We know how to carefully and thoroughly prepare the strongest possible case on your behalf, and how to present it persuasively in negotiations, or to an arbitrator or a judge and jury.

Learning more about how we can help you begins with our truck accident webpage, which in addition to useful information on our services also has ways that you can contact one of our attorneys for a no-charge initial consultation.


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