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March 2015 Archives

Car accidents and sternum fractures in Connecticut

When someone is involved in a car accident, one of the worst injuries he or she might receive is a fracture to the sternum. These fractures normally are also associated with numerous other injury types, and the fracture itself may cause additional damage to the organs and tissues the bone protects.

Texting is not the only distraction for Connecticut teenagers

Most public service announcements on distracted driving focus on texting behind the wheel while ignoring other dangerous behaviors. In a recent survey conducted by Oregon State University, 27 percent of teenagers reported that they change their shoes or clothes as they drive. Some of the other drive-time activities discovered in the study include applying makeup, doing homework and changing contact lenses. As teenagers become busier, they may try to add more dangerous activities into their commute.

Plainville police attempting to find cause of deadly car crash

The accident reconstruction team in Plainville, Connecticut, is seeking information from anyone who might have seen the fatal head-on car accident that happened on New Britain Avenue. The accident left one woman dead and injured two others.

Paul Ryan and chief of staff face personal injury lawsuit

Connecticut residents may be interested to learn that Congressman Ryan Paul and his chief of staff have been named as defendants in a personal injury case. Initially filed in a trial court in the District of Columbia, the case involves a car accident that occurred in 2004.

A Connecticut driver is fatally injured in interstate crash

A portion of the eastbound lanes of Interstate 691 was closed off for about four hours following a multiple-vehicle crash that killed a Waterbury man on March 9 in Cheshire. According to reports from the Department of Transportation, the highway was fully open later that evening, allowing traffic flow to resume where the accident took place between Exits 3 and 4. The investigation of the circumstances regarding the incident was ongoing, said authorities.

Sleeping truck driver involved in fatal collision

Many Connecticut residents are aware that driver fatigue is a serious concern for both trucking companies and government regulators. The scope of the problem was demonstrated when a box truck struck a car and school bus in Washington on March 5. A 22-year-old woman lost her life in the crash, and 43 children were hospitalized. Washington State Police say that the truck driver is thought to have been asleep at the time of the accident.

Vicarious liability when a car is loaned to another driver

In Connecticut, a car's owner may be held responsible for injuries caused in a car accident even if the owner was not driving the vehicle. In cases in which a vehicle's owner negligently entrusted the vehicle to another person who the owner knew to be a bad driver, liability may stand.