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How can someone prevent road rage?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2015 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Every year in Connecticut, incidents involving road rage occur, some resulting in tragic accidents. While it may be impossible to control the behavior of others, drivers can do certain things in order to lessen their likelihood of being the target of road rage.

Common driving behaviors can lead to road rage incidents. Surveys indicate drivers are angered most by certain driving behaviors, so avoiding committing them may also help prevent road rage. People should drive in the far left lane only to pass, then getting back over into the right lane. Even if when people are driving at the speed limit, if they are traveling slower than the rest of traffic in the left lane, other drivers may become angry.

Similarly, cutting off other drivers when changing lanes or merging into traffic can produce angry reactions. People should always look to make sure they have enough room and should signal so other drivers know their intentions. Tailgating similarly should be avoided, and people should refrain from making obscene gestures at other drivers. If a driver appears to be experiencing road rage, it is important to steer clear of them and not engage. Giving angry drivers lots of room is a good idea, as is avoiding eye contact. If a driver is following a person in an aggressive manner, the person should call for help or go to a place where lots of people are and honk the horn. People should not drive home or get out of their cars.

Road rage can lead to motor vehicle accidents and serious bodily injury. People should mind the rules of the road while also avoiding getting involved in contests with other drivers. In the event that a person has been a victim of a road rage incident, he or she may want to talk to a personal injury attorney to determine the remedies that are available.


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