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October 2014 Archives

Sleeping Connecticut man charged with drunk driving

Police in Connecticut say that a 41-year-old man was drunk when he fell asleep in his vehicle at a Middletown fast food establishment during the early morning hours of Oct. 11. Middlesex County police say that the man was taken into custody after officers concluded that he was under the influence of alcohol.

Aggregate traffic accident data in Connecticut

According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, 104,187 motor vehicle accidents occurred in the state in 2008. Of this number, 280 fatalities occurred. Additionally, 2,362 of these injuries resulted from wrecks in which alcohol was suspected to be a contributing factor. Figures like these are compiled by the Department of Transportation each year in a aggregated report.

Most drunk drivers in fatal collisions have no DUI record

In Connecticut, most drivers who are under the influence of alcohol and kill themselves or others behind the wheel show no prior history of DUI arrests. Advocates from groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Connecticut say that this is only an indicator that drunk drivers get away with violating DUI laws several times before being caught or causing fatal accidents.

National fatality statistics for passenger vehicle accidents

Fatality statistics from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that the most deaths resulting from traffic accidents occur among passenger vehicle occupants. Passenger vehicles are cars, pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs and large passenger vans. Residents of Connecticut might be intrigued to learn that in 2012, 33,561 crash deaths were reported, and 65 percent, or 21,795 people, were occupants of passenger vehicles.

4 softball players killed in fatal bus accident

Connecticut residents who follow college softball may have heard that a North Central Texas softball bus was hit on Sept. 26 near Davis, Oklahoma, while returning from a scrimmage. Police say that the accident happened when a semi going north on Interstate 35 crossed into the southbound lanes. Authorities say that the semi went off the road and into a ravine after hitting the bus, and it took nearly an hour to locate it.

Traffic fatalities increase on U.S. highways in 2012

Connecticut motorists may be interested to learn statistics for their state followed the national pattern of traffic fatalities increasing in 2012. Some 236 people were killed on Connecticut highways in 2012, up from 221 in 2011, says a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.