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January 2013 Archives

Recovering from a spinal cord injury - an inspiring tale

In the wake of tragedy, a positive outlook on the future seems an impossible accomplishment. For two high school sweet hearts who lost touch and found each other again after each experienced life altering misfortune, the possibility that good can come from deep sadness is a reality. As Connecticut residents approach Valentine's Day, a story of love spurned from troubling experience may be appropriate.

Commercial vehicle accident sends three to Connecticut hospital

Commercial vehicles travel Connecticut roads every day by the hundreds. Not only is Connecticut home to thousands of businesses, but it also neighbors large cities where commercial vehicles often travel. In the dead of winter, when roads are slick and visibility often an issue, the combination of large commercial vehicles and bad weather can result in tragedy. Unfortunately, even absent harsh weather, drivers of commercial vehicles are occasionally negligent and may cause terrible car accidents.

Ferry crash results in spinal cord injuries

As Many Connecticut residents are likely aware, a ferry crash in New York that occurred this past Wednesday, January 9, resulted in injury to many on board. The Seastreak Wall Ferry crashed into the New York Pier in lower Manhattan. The boat essentially hit the dock as it was attempted to park. Investigators are still working to determine the cause of the incident. The name of the captain has not yet been released.

Connecticut New Year's accident stats; hundreds reported

Connecticut residents likely spent the last few weeks traveling to be with family, eating delicious meals and delivering gifts to loved ones. The holiday season is always an exciting and busy time. As this holiday wraps up, the state of Connecticut has also tallied the numbers of accidents that occurred during the New Year's holiday time frame. Unfortunately, the total number of road related incidents, including crashes, arrests, citations and tickets issued hit in the hundreds.

Remembering a tragic bus accident on its 40th anniversary

As previous posts have indicated, there is often no type of accident more horrible than a bus crash, which has the potential to involve so many people. While in Connecticut, bus accidents do not occur that often, they do happen more than anyone would like. In the past few years, a number of bus-related incidents have spanned the local news. During this holiday season, a number of community members are also remembering a tragic crash that occurred forty years ago in a southern state.