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November 2012 Archives

Teen causes spinal cord injury to 53-year-old woman

There are serious dangers inherent when an auto-pedestrian accident occurs. Pedestrians are certainly more vulnerable road users than drivers. Pedestrians, without the steel protection of a vehicle, can sustain serious injury from the impact of a car. Some potential injuries include head injuries, spinal cord injuries and broken bones, among others. A head injury and spinal injury however have the propensity to be the most debilitating in many circumstances. As many Connecticut readers know, bad head injuries can cause brain injuries and spinal cord damage can result in paralysis.

Drunk driving accident results in Connecticut man's death

The dangers on the road are often indefinite, ranging from bad weather, poorly maintained roadways, to negligent driving. Some of the most harmful driving behavior involves drunk driving where an individual's reflexes and decision-making capabilities are dangerously low. A man recently caused an accident while likely under the influence of alcohol, which involved the death of another person.

Driver in deadly bus accident to face consequences

Connecticut readers of this blog would probably agree there are few things more terrifying than being involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. In addition, the serious injury, medical expenses, and pain and suffering that often result from a crash can be life changing to those involved. However, it is possible that something else can make all of this worse: watching the driver of the vehicle you are riding in slowly fall asleep and cause the accident. This is just what occurred to passengers involved in a deadly bus accident that occurred last year.

What medical malpractice reform could mean for you

Medical malpractice lawsuits are often hard fought. Many states have in place rigid malpractice laws which can make it difficult for injured patients to recover for their injuries. In spite of these already hard laws, both presidential candidates in the upcoming election stated recently that they support tort reform, which would include implementing harsher medical malpractice laws. A recent article highlights just how harsher malpractice laws could affect patients nationwide, including, in the state of Connecticut.