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Drunk driving accident results in Connecticut man’s death

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2012 | Drunk Driving Accidents, Firm News

The dangers on the road are often indefinite, ranging from bad weather, poorly maintained roadways, to negligent driving. Some of the most harmful driving behavior involves drunk driving where an individual’s reflexes and decision-making capabilities are dangerously low. A man recently caused an accident while likely under the influence of alcohol, which involved the death of another person.

According to authorities, the man rear-ended a truck that a Connecticut man was driving, on an early Sunday morning, resulting in a drunk driving accident. Prosecutors allege that the man was drunk at the time. Apparently, he never slowed down before impacting the Connecticut man’s vehicle. Authorities took the victim to the hospital where he died shortly thereafter.

The accused left the scene of the accident. Authorities tracked him down after following leaking fluid residue. The man pleaded not guilty to charges. He is now being held on bail.

Those injured and the loved ones of those injured or killed in accidents such as this may be able to bring a civil case against those who have been accused of drunk driving. A civil case against a negligent driver requires the injured party to show that the defendant’s negligent behavior caused the injuries alleged and that the plaintiff suffered damages as a result.

In the state of Connecticut, unlike in some other states, loved ones may bring a claim on behalf of a deceased victim. The family members may claim damages such as pain and suffering and economic loss. This kind of civil case brings necessary monetary compensation to the injured and saddened individuals and also likely helps deter future negligent acts such as the one that occurred recently.

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