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October 2012 Archives

Late-night Connecticut car accident causes serious injuries

There are many hazards to confront on the road while driving a motor vehicle. Negligent drivers, fallen trees and poor road conditions are just some examples of factors that have the potential to cause serious injury. Sometimes, driving late at night can be a contributing factor to a car accident. On the dark roads, drivers are more likely to be tired. Visibility is reduced. Some drivers may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Bus accident in Connecticut involves four special needs students

The thought of a crash involving a bus is an alarming one. An accident involving a bus can mean a large number of individuals are seriously injured. A bus accident involving children of special needs is even more concerning as these children are often particularly vulnerable. One potentially negligent, or distracted driver, may have caused such an event last week.

Medical malpractice claim being considered by jury

Connecticut residents depend on their healthcare providers for diligent and informed care. They expect to receive assistance from a doctor and hospital in treating a disease or other ailment. In fact, the very last thing any individual would expect upon entering a hospital for care is to be somehow harmed by the visit itself. But, this may be exactly the case for an individual who went to a doctor for shortness of breath issues recently.

Norwalk woman facing consequences of negligent driving

One negligent driver can create incredible consequences for anyone involved. Often, the extreme injury we can cause with our vehicles escapes us, and we often take the safe travel we experience while driving for granted. However, one distracted turn, a decision to speed or a reckless move can cause serious harm to one's self or another and tragically, even death can result in a car accident. One Norwalk, Connecticut woman is currently facing the consequences of her potentially negative driving decision.

Suit against Yale frat for fatal car wreck can proceed

A tragic crash on Jan. 17, 2003, is the subject of ongoing litigation in Connecticut. And now it has clearance to keep on going. On the winter night in question, a group of Yale college students was returning from a fraternity pledge event in New York City when the SUV driven by a frat member crashed into a tractor-trailer. Four of the passengers in the SUV died as a result of the car accident. The estate of one of the victims has been seeking to sue the fraternity since 2005 and the Connecticut Supreme Court recently ruled it can proceed.