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Norwalk woman facing consequences of negligent driving

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2012 | Car Accidents, Firm News

One negligent driver can create incredible consequences for anyone involved. Often, the extreme injury we can cause with our vehicles escapes us, and we often take the safe travel we experience while driving for granted. However, one distracted turn, a decision to speed or a reckless move can cause serious harm to one’s self or another and tragically, even death can result in a car accident. One Norwalk, Connecticut woman is currently facing the consequences of her potentially negative driving decision.

According to authorities, last May in Weston Connecticut, the woman was driving northbound on the Newton Turnpike when she went around a sharp turn at excessive speed. Her car subsequently crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into an 85 year-old woman’s vehicle. The 85 year-old woman died from her injuries.

Now the woman faces criminal and likely civil penalties for her negligent behavior. She was arraigned last week in Connecticut court, charged with reckless driving, negligent homicide and speeding among others. She was charged after coming to police headquarters, responding to the department’s warrant for her arrest.

If the woman is pursued in civil court, she may also be required to compensate the victim’s family for their losses monetarily. Even if for any reason, a jury determines the woman is not totally at fault for the other’s death, she will still be asked to pay the portion of damages representative of fault actually attributed to her actions.

Civil litigation against a negligent driver is an often important step in dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy. Not only is the victim, or the victim’s family compensated for the no doubt mountain of medical bills resulting from the incident, but an injured party can obtain compensation for pain and suffering and future wage loss. Civil charges also serve as a punishment and determent from future negligent activity.

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