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June 2012 Archives

Blown tire leads to multi-vehicle accident

Accidents on Connecticut's roadways routinely cause injury and substantial medical expenses. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in America. This is no exception when motorcycles are involved. In fact, because motorcyclists have less protection than cars, the probability that a motorcyclist will suffer serious injury in a crash is much higher.

Former officer faces criminal, civil penalties after DUI crash

Drunk driving accidents sadly claim hundreds of lives every year. The crashes usually involve a tragic storm of negligence, serious injury and medical expenses. This was especially true in the case of a Connecticut police officer who, in 2010, fatally injured a Windsor Locks teenager when he drove negligently in his community.

Investigators say driver fatigue caused fatal bus accident

Car accidents which cause severe injuries and fatalities are tragic events. Bus accidents, where the vehicle has the propensity to carry many times more people than a car, can be catastrophic and heartbreaking. This is one way to describe a bus accident that occurred on the East Coast last year.

Summer enforcement efforts hope to reduce dangerous driving

Over holiday weekends instances of negligent driving often increase. The combination of celebratory activities with mass auto transit during a holiday increase opportunities for serious distractions such as texting and driving or drinking and driving. It is for these reasons we often hear of states involved in extra efforts during these holiday weekends to address negligent driving issues. The state of Connecticut is no exception.

Cell phone internet use causes fatality in Connecticut

Distracted driving has been increasingly at issue on Connecticut streets. The ever present smart phone, while providing a shocking amount of conveniences including instant directions and detailed information about our destinations, is a huge contributor to driver negligence on the road.