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May 2012 Archives

Drunk driver hits Connecticut school bus

When parents kiss their children goodbye at the bus stop, they should feel confident that their child will be safely delivered at the end of the school day. They shouldn't have to worry that a drunk driver is going to put their child in the way of harm. When that trust is broken, action needs to be taken against the guilty.

Litigation begins in fatal Connecticut U-Haul accident

The dangers of driving an automobile are made apparent every day. Grave and serious car accidents occur much too often. Even more troubling is the fact that they are often preventable. Negligent driving, distracted driving, texting and drunk driving are just some reasons for car accidents, which can cause serious injury, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Connecticut students 'Take a Stand' against drunk driving

In an effort to hold drunk drivers accountable and prevent further loss, Connecticut has cracked down on drunk driving recently. As previous posts have mentioned, increased ticketing and harsher DWI consequences are just some efforts lawmakers have made to reduce serious injuries caused by a drunk driver. Lawmakers, however, are not the only group working to reduce drunk driving accidents; Connecticut schools are also in on the fight.

Crash on I-95 in Fairfield caused serious delays, some injuries

Previous posts have mentioned that Connecticut roads have seen numerous tragic and dangerous car accidents lately. Connecticut laws and law enforcement are working to make roads safer, by enacting harsher drunk driving laws and increasing ticketing efforts. However, in spite of increased efforts to keep Connecticut residents safe, accidents still occur.