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Crash on I-95 in Fairfield caused serious delays, some injuries

On Behalf of | May 6, 2012 | Car Accidents, Firm News

Previous posts have mentioned that Connecticut roads have seen numerous tragic and dangerous car accidents lately. Connecticut laws and law enforcement are working to make roads safer, by enacting harsher drunk driving laws and increasing ticketing efforts. However, in spite of increased efforts to keep Connecticut residents safe, accidents still occur.

Unfortunately, a recent auto accident on I-95 in Fairfield has added another misfortune to the list. Recently, a tractor-trailer flatbed struck several cars. The jumble then collided into the middle median. The truck subsequently spilled its bed contents of bricks and concrete onto the road. The truck’s fuel tank was also punctured, spilling gas everywhere.

Four people were injured in the pile-up and taken to the hospital. The injuries were minor however, and thankfully no lives were lost.

Fire fighters, police and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection arrived at the scene to assist in the chaos. DEEP was called on site to address the fuel leak. Police are still investigating the cause of the accident. The incident delayed traffic for over two hours. One of the firefighters, with twenty years of experience, reported it to be the messiest accident he had ever seen.

Accidents result in serious injury, medical expenses and pain and suffering. The incident on I-95 is no exception. Busy roads are just one potential cause of car accidents. Negligent driving, texting and driving, and general inattentiveness are also huge contributors. If an individual is involved and injured in an accident due to the negligent driving of another, they may be entitled to compensation.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Truck, cars in messy crash on I-95 in Fairfield,” April 19, 2012


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